Need help with weapon types

Good morning!

I have been playing this fantastic game for 3 weeks but i dont really understand the game items dynamic.
I am lvl 72 warrior, specializing in toss and scalp as i find easier to win players in arena due to my ranged offhand hatchet. As you can see below, that is my lvl 42 axe.

I got it in arena reward chest, and i think it is very good for my warrior build because it gives me toss levels and the damage is very good. I didnt use the socket because i thought i would change to a better weapon soon. However, I don´t know what should i get now.

I dont really understand which kind of weapon is better: Legend, Eternal, Crystal or Mythic. I want to get as much damage as possible, with similar stats than my current weapon. Should I try to get eternal offhand hatchet again using chests when i lvl up to 100? Or crystal/mythic better?

I appreciate any help with crystal/mythic items because i dont understand how to craft them or if they are better than eternal.

Thanks so much in advance

Eternals are better but are harder to come and you can’t choose affixes you want. But their affixes are 2x stronger. To item Crystal you need to apply obsidian to get Crystal affix. To make mythic item you need 4 sockets and the right combination of mythstones.

Thanks for your answer!

In relation to my weapon, i think the affixes are quite nice: ballista, % weapon damage, toss, attack speed, + weapon damage and an empty socket that i can use to use +50% damage. Perhaps i try to get this hatchet eternal at lvl 100.

In relation to the other items such as armor, rings,necklace or helmet, could you guys tell me which items are better, crystal ones or mythic? I don´t really know the difference between them.


There’s alot to tell mate. I suggest reading thru this guide for beginners

Wow, its an extense guide, thank u so much, i will look for relevant information very carefully. However, I would like you experienced players to tell me according to your experience what items you find more interesting to use, crystals or mhythic ones. Maybe i am wrong, but i find that crystal items have more affixes/stats that mythic ones… do this make crystal items better?

Thanks for your time.

It’s always best to have a crystal affix in every gear. What to put will depend on what build you are trying to achieve.

Mythic items can be powerful too, Same thing with eternal items. The challenge is putting it together

Personally I prefer crafting my own gear. There’s lots of advice for this, but essentially the idea is to find a weapon of the type you like (ex. I like wizard orb, so a wizard sword) with a Legend affix or two that I would want (say 50-100% weapon damage) and a set affix, remove the unwanted legend affixes since they can’t be changed with crystals. Then use an obsidian to hopefully get a useful crystal affix. Add sockets and epic affixes. Max the items level and quality with crystals (level 100 and 125% quality) and then use diamonds to get the crystal affix as close to the stats cap as I can. Having 125% quality makes that happen sooner. Then use other crystals to reroll the stat values of the epic affixes and add the desired rune(s).
Use a similar process for armor and jewelry, keeping in mind some affixes aren’t available depending on the gear.

Prior to using obsidian, you should fill the other slots with rare/epic versions of affixes that obsidian can generate that you don’t want. Obsidian will never duplicate affixes, so this reduces how many junk options it can give you!

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Damn… brilliant. Wish I’d thought of that this morning lol. Thanks!