Need Help Wizard PVP Build


Im a newbie and planning to build a great WIZ PvP, ive been testing such builds like the discord orb but im not satisfied with the result and Discord orb build fits more on Rogue.
Can anyone also share tips or hints in building immortal wiz?
Any suggestion and tips would be much appreciated. Thank you!


Have you try barrage build??


Discordance orb was originated in wizard though as it was a wizard skill but I get what you’re saying. It’s because of that chakram mainly.

As far as other wizard, there are other combination you can try. Battlemage skullshield wizard , barrage build is a possible idea, summons , mirror image with orbs which would be very competent, aftermath, etc.


Not yet sir, can you please show me a guide?


I really wanted tha battle mage build with the skulls, but dont have any idea on how to start with it


First choose a weapon then the skull shield (it appears like a skull), the choose your stats and hero points. Some players put stats points in power, I recommend in mana it get you more mp and allow to use a lot of aoe attacks. For hero points i recommend find a guide in this forum or go to youtube. I think that i see there a skull shield build and will be a head start for you to make your build.