Need help


Which is better? Socketing Endow to a weapon for 50% Damage or having 50% Glasscannon? And do they give the same amount of damage or not?


Generally I would socket endow first since if you are building correctly it will be the same amount of damage as glasscanon assuming you do not already have weapon damage%


Well, please recommend anything regarding my mainhand crafting.

These are what I have crafted so far:

  1. Aftermath (Set Affix)
  2. Crit Chance (Crystal Affix)
  3. +50% Damage (Socketed Endow)
  4. +100% Weapon Damage% (Legend Affix)
  5. +50% Glasscannon (Legend Affix)
  6. +5000 Weapon Damage+ (Epic Affix)


Yup that’ll work quite well


So those affixes mentioned above are going to work well? Or should I change the 50% Glasscannon to another 50% Damage with Endow?


Oh, wait. I just realized you can’t socket the same kind of mythstone in an item twice. So yeah, I’m gonna stick to what I’ve been able to craft to far. Anyways, thanks @Griffin