Need help

I’ve try to upload my lvl 94 character or to save it but I clicked the download button whereas my last character is in lvl 91 and it cannot canceled anymore. When I logged in is I’ve lost all of my items in the stash items icon and also all of my crystals and Mythstones are gone, and I need to purchase those stash items and starting over again. Any tips?

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You could try to redownload the save, but you’ll lose any progress since then… you can do that by either clearing your game data or redownloading the game

The next best thing would be to contact the dev/ support team, maybe they can help you?


I’ve try to do it this time and just a few minutes ago and it works. I’ve just uninstall the app and install it again. So far, I’ve recovered all of my items from the stash and also the Crystal and Mythstones. Thank you tol (bro):muscle: