Need help

Is PermaStealth and 40 Dextrous a good combo?

If I have max CritDMG and 40 Dextrous will I still get 400% more CritDMG?

Should I use ElementDMG for poison build or are there better DMG multiplier for poison builds?

What Talents for Rogue and Warrior should I use to have more damage for poison builds?

Should I roll for Skill and Talent affixes to get them to 40 and have more damage or are there better DMG multipliers?

Which would be better, (5) Plague and Druidic or (8) Plague?

I’m trying to make a Green Garden build for all classes and I think my Wizard Build is really good though still not sure if having so many Talent and Skill affixes is a good idea, but I think 40 Amplify, Sorcery and Fester is really good. For my Rogue Build I’m rebuilding the last build I shared here and I’m experimenting on different Affixes, Talents, and Skills for Rogue to see which ones are effective and the last is my Warrior which is probably good as well, but I ain’t sure about the Talents I’m using on him. So if anyone will kindly help me I will really appreciate it. I’m trying to make the best and most effective build for Poison for each class, that has been my goal when I started trying to make Poison Build.

  1. I personally want to test Dexterous some more, but I read some old posts that said Prmsth & Dxtrs work well together.

  2. From what I see, Dexterous gives you the extra Crit Damage over Cap whether you have Crit Damage affixes or not. But I still want to test it.

  3. +100% Poison is calculated early in the damage formula. You’ll want at least one or two of them. If you want tons of damage, you’ll want three to five, depending on the build. And have +600% Blight.

  4. It depend on which combination of Skills, Talents, and Affixes, and any Mythstones & Mythic affixes you use. because there is only so much space for affixes, there’s room for quite a few great combinations for Poison Builds.

  5. Same as 4 :arrow_up: . Getting one Skill to 40 isn’t too bad for a build, if your damage focus is for one skill, and getting 4 Talents in the same Talent tree to 40 isn’t too hard, but when they’re in different Talent trees or 5 or more Talents, you start running out of space. One problem I discovered is you either go all out with Talents or just a few with other affixes. so it depends on what you really want with the build. One of my dreams is to make an awesome Elementalist Wizard with 6
    Talent 40’s and 0 to 2 Talent 30’s. With Talent 20’s in Focus & Empower. doesn’t leave much room for other affixes.

  6. Plagued (8) would take up less space than Plagued & Druidic (5), as Druidic needs lots of Regeneration.

  7. You should choose between the top 2 damage weapons for each class if you want to focus on Poison doing all the damage, otherwise, whichever weapon/skill combo with Poison fits your desire to kill enemies fast. looking forward to the final builds.

Green Garden was crafted before Patch 3.0, I think during the Beta testing days. one of the things that made it amazing was a bug (fixed) that caused Toxic to get insane damage. that damage isn’t possible now, but the damage affixes have been raised and there are more ways to multiply damage, so it’s still possible to make a good GG Build.

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