Need link to

A good chakram build please and thank you. Need to have some spots for exp mythstones. Thanks.

I’m using my own version of this build:

Main differences that I use is some mythics:

Energy ring
Sanctuary Amulet
Brutal chest

Currently I’m in the low 800’s but the damage is good enough to go further. Once I hit 99 eternal I’ll see how far it can go.

Care to post your build?

Hopefully someone with more experience can tell you how to make this better. I’m thinking I need more elemental damage.

+5000ED is more better than +20%ED

This is exactly the type of advice I was looking for. Thanks! Would you suggest anything else? Like should I go for legend ED% affixes? And do you think I would benefit more from a different set than rage and plagued?

Besides masochism, mayhem, changing the second elem crit chance for something else, crushing blow since you say your at floor 800…
Simply look over your own build and think: whats needed, un-needed, improveable, replaceable, mergeable etc… But it looks like it deals a good portion of damage, good job :slight_smile:

u are going for high floor, which is the amount of hp y have is not important anymore, u already have around 90% glasscannon. HP buff from plagued will be nothing but waste of 1 slot change it to pathfinder., also elements crit chance cap is 40%. u have 2 of that, 30% is enough. remove 1 and replace with something else necessary.

Thank you teacup and cronos for the tips. I should hit 99 eternal this weekend. Once that’s out of the way I will tweak this build and post a video.