Need more damage[Help]

I’ve been playing this game for a while now and I found it quite fun. But the fun ended there with me having a hard time playing on mythic 3 1000+ maps… The spawns are too tough/hard/tanky. I’m trying to modify my build to create “True Glass-cannon”. But even then, I’m still having a hard time advancing on the 1000+ maps. I tried searching for any useful guides that I could imitate or adapt but so far I haven’t seen one. So can anyone help me on this? Truth is I just joined this forum and this would be my first time visiting this site. Fount it while searching for guides.

So here’s my current build so far…

I don’t know if it’s just me or I need to do something else to add more damage. I can’t get a trinket to complete the set cause I can’t connect to the game. Dunno if it’s just the slow wifi or if there aren’t anyone to play with? But I can’t find matches on PVP… which is sad, for me.

The DQ wiki helped me a lot on learning how to use the crystals and stuff but there was only one Gunner guide on the site. The first stats image refers to the pure stats without modification from Adventurer and the second stats image refers to the one that was modified by adventurer.

I’m planning on trying to earn legend crystals to craft an Eterenal Apex of Epiphany but that’s the only thing I can think of in helping me increase the damage so… Can anyone please help?

Does completing all the perks increase the damage or something? I’m reluctant on having my last Ascension cause it’s only the Hunter perk that’s left and I can substitute it with the Hunter ring.

Thanks in advance for the replies.

I’m not nearly as knowledgeable as some of the others in this forum about builds, but one thing that stands out is that I have found my builds to be more powerful having only one item with Epiphany. You can acquire another (5) set instead of having (6) Epiphany. Of course you’d be sacrificing the bonus but I think you’d be more powerful with another set affix.

Haven’t thought of that yet cause I tried using other set affixes but ended up with lower damage. I think I might try it again but I’d need an item with either a Pathfinder affix or maybe Masochism, don’t what it’ll end up with… oh welp… thanks for the reply anyway! I’m gonna try finding other set Affixes that’ll fit me if I got the crystals to craft em then.

I think at a certain point, you will need to start using Crushing Blow, and to find a way to increase your Ricochet Skill to 40, and maybe change that 50% damage MS to an Epic 100% WD, or even better, find a Flintlock that has a Legend 200% WD, or a weapon from another class that has it and Jasper it to Flintlock. those 2 ice damage affixes on Shibe could be changed to 1 Crit Chance and 1 Crushing Blow. that will give you a third affix that uses the Epiphany buff.


Mythic 1000 plus same here. But there is nothing you can’t find on mythic 1001 then you can on floor 10 billion

haha, I am almost done leveling my first PVP Toon, and I have been thinking of what to do for damage to climb the higher Floors. being stubborn, I want to do something different than builds that have been shared in the Forums, but I wonder if I might have to go the way others have gone to get to the higher Floors. guess I will find out soon enough.

Mythic 3. 500 to 600 max. Its do able. Anything higher is a pain and stupid and expensive. Unless you want an item that spawns after floor 1000. Fair enough. But stick to 1001 to 1010

well, I am only farming those lower floors to get the loot to make a build that can get to the highest floor possible, the Infinity Floor! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You can even go legend there is no infinity floor. Infinite means endless lol. Good luck

haha, I know, right? but it sure sounded good! To Infinity Floor and Beyond! (inspired by Buzz Lightyear from Toy Story)


@Golem mythic. 3 500 plus unless there is something you really need from the codex at 1000. There is nothing there that I think wow.

I am not farming beyond 1k, just climbing for the fun and finding my own limits for crafting.

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try this


You need to have at least 30% crushing blow. This is needed since your trying to push 1000+ floors and the hps of the mobs there are trillions. Demonic and relentless talent is a good combination since their damage corresponds to the hp of the enemies you are dealing with. Also, 30% elemcrit chance is enough to proc freeze/frostbiting on the mobs.

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i agree that you need crushing blow for 1000m3 plus. Here is a build i posted a long time ago that should still be relevant since i don’t think there has been a patch since. its not easy to build but if you can swing it it will breeze through 1000-2000m3.