Need more storage - x4 premium stash


Seriously, please. I’m a farmer. WTB more shared storage tabs. Will pay real money. Puh-wease


LOL I asked the same xD. Dust was a good answer to that but sure. You can never have enough inventory slot and if there was so many, I would use it for the collect every eternal or so challenge with less need to take pic.


Dust is ok… But who wants to rebuild all the various full gear sets one can play with if running out of room?


You’re like me. DQ hoarding discorder. Something every farmer has to have at some point. Unlimited inventory would be a dream though .


Lol. Uh huh


I feel the same way before but now theres dusts so i dont need to keep those precious eternal or crafted items. I bought all stash including premium and crystal, and itbwas enough for me. Tho im running out of storage in my premium stash because of my pets xD


Yup I could use more room for pets too. But generally I keep various complete alternate gear set ups. So I definitely need moar space. :slight_smile:


This is my dream in DQ after another slot. That part of my life… That little part of my life would be called happiness


ok… ive concluded 4x more storage just wont be enough, though it would be a start.

maybe @SteigerBox could just make a bottomless array of storage slots so we can buy as many as we need.

bottomless bag of storage, baldurs gate, anyone?

lol. but seriously, I NEED MOAR STORAGE. too many gear sets i make, not enough room i have


(joke) you could store them in your other characters bags.


nope… all used up. lol


lol, the only think I can think of is keep track of the cool builds you make in a note book, or something, sell the builds, and make new stuff. when you need one of the old builds you made, you still have the recipe written down so you don’t forget it.
your poor characters. I bet they want to use up space for their own builds. :slight_smile:


no $#@% %$%#@#@ #$% way man… thats like just … throwing all those crystals in the trash can… :slight_smile: lol

nope… not gonna do it… not gonna happen… wouldnt be prudent .

haha :slight_smile:


oh wow! (trying not to laugh) I guess my idea doesn’t sound too good.
on the same note, the ascension build I have, I will someday have to say good bye to it, as I will have made something better. but I do plan on letting my other characters use it first.


I have too many pets. Looking in my stashes is like going on a safari


Indeed :wink: :thinking: .