Need pro suggestion

Nove or vanish on OH? Thanks

i like nova

Why nova?

It really depends on your build. Nova is a bit meh but is good dmg proc. 250%OH dmg and elemental crit 100% at 30% chance to proc. Thats quite good. Not the best but it is ok. Still @darellleyesa has his/her reasons. Nova is not to be underestimated despite coat being a good replacement for it.

The there’s vanish. Vanish is helpful to protect you briefly from dots, tnt props , enemy attacks as well has have the 10% blind proc from the mythic which is a ok bonus. Vanish can make a huye difference at times, especially in pvp, though nova could be very good for pvp because of the high chance to proc 100% elemental critical. However there is coat proc so it depends really.

Then theres enigma, more of a pvp thing but basically it’s kinda like blinkstrike with shatter pro. It is risky but can make a good AI build.

Depending on your build, you can either have one of the 3 Oh mythics or have no Oh mythics at all and maybe use a resource mythic or no mythic at all on oh weapon. Again depends on your build.

Nova imo is kinda like explosive affix but with higher activation proc chance and with 100% elemental crit chance with 250% OH dmg. I think its more of of a pvp thing atm but as I said before, I can’t underestimate it and it certainly has potential.

Im using now nova for my OH and i like it it deals more damage. Thanks for the advice.