Need some Guide

hi everyone. need some guide on PvP.
which is perfectly better? 100% element dmg. or 5000 element dmg. ??

it is better to have both 1 ED, ElemCrit and 6 5000k ED works perfectly

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if ur lacking slot affixes . 5000Ed is better than 100%ed in pvp since.

5000ed= 1000ed in pvp
100% = 24% in pvp
(correct me if im wrong though)

if ur gona go fire/bleed dmg ya elemcrit is good or nova oh if ur a rogue. (though lots of toons in top league got 80-120%perseverance great for anti dot/bleed build) mostly got 150-300k+ hp

if u use lightning (which is the most popular in arena cuz of its stacking dmg debuff w/c also does not rely on elemcrit) i highly suggest this element.

if your rogue go with fire and bleed >:) Cancer Build …

@mormszzz only downside is most toons now got 80-120% perseverance w/ high hp while dishing decent dmg.

Cerebral Cheese build

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hmmm… true…