Need some help on current warrior build "burning blood"

I’m trying to build a warrior around fire an bleed damage this is some of the pics of what gear I’m running I could use some help on tweaking it.

In my opinion:

-Add two(2) Legend affix +2 Set Number or Elixir.
Found only on Nadroji accessories, very important for increasing effectiveness of Set affixes.
-Add atleast one(1) Legend affix +30% Elemental Critical.
One(1) of this is equivalent to two(2) Epic Affix +15% Elem Crit.
-Change Permafrost Set affix to Inferno.
If you are using fire element then this Set affix increases fire dmg and dot tick.
-More +5,000 Fire Dmg+ (Atleast all gears should have this).
6(7 if pet has) gears that has +5,000 Fire Dmg+ will increase fire damage by +30,000(+35,000).
-Equip weapons with high chance of inflicting bleed.
Example: Scalp description says that it has 100% chance to inflict bleed. making other bleed chance affix redundant.
-Add Epic affix +50% Bleed damage.
If you are going for bleed damage then add this affix for maximum bleed damage.

Note: If your are inflicting bleed via Legend affix +100% Blistering, then just increase your Elemental Critical Chance to cap.

I have the inferno shield, I’m not good on affixes an which i should use name wise but I have majority if not all combined within my three characters an I was trying to get my element stat up I believe its blistering to proc bleeds, but if you or anyone could help with the name of such affixes an how many I would need would be appreciated also I can post screenshot of affixes I have if need be, thanks again for replying an taking time to help.