Need some tips an critique on current warrior build

im trying to build a warrior like off world of warcraft plus I want to keep my shield I dont see many warrior’s running around with them in pvp, But I just want some insight on what I can change or buff up thanks.

@cronos4321 share some of your wisdom senpai B-)

crop all the thing and make into single pic would help other to see it, i mean a link between affix… and sorry pal without core detail like what your main attack. what your special attack. your play style, and what this build for like pve or pvp. and alot thing would help to ppl who actually want help u.

At current condition i see alot hole in your build…

i change my nature from wisdom to death. lol.


How would I go about doing that I usually just upload from my phone, an im going for a pvp build made it to legend with current build, an main attack is coming from bash an flurry bash usually hits for 2k, my play style is to try to take or mitigate some of the dmg coming in that’s when shield wall procs come in, get close enough to bash or hit with throwsword an whaat you mean link between affix. Thanks again for viewing an the input.

Got your PM ^^
This is for pvp right?

Effective doesn’t work with Battle arena.

I think energy is better in fury in your build but I think Flurry will deplete it fast. >.>
You’ll need to use bash if your go to energy

Energy for me is if you attack speed won’t deplete your energy bar faster than regeneration then the damage is worth it. And you won’t need mp for hit things.

fury for me is you use a lot of primary attack but your special skill should be a factor because the dmg it increases is your special.

I think sets affixes is needed in battle arena to maximize a build. And getting +4 set cap affix as well.

If your using your bash I think prayer skill would be a lot better than reflect. But it depends on your HP as well as it’s a percent heal of your HP.

Use emerald on your gear to max quality. (Max 25)
Use Peridot to max iLvl ( Also to max talent on gear)
Then use flourite on your epic affixes to max them out

I suggest farming stuffs first before going to the arena. ^^

Thank you very much for your input if you dont mind I would like to keep this convo going so that I can better myself in arena what would you recommend as a base set for pvp, an would you say this build is better for campaign, thanks once again.