Need support on making team

Hej guys!

I need some support on making good team for farming!

Main = Warrior:

The idea is to walk around, wrath all breakables and taunt the enemys for the hireling together and also freeze them.

Hireling = Roque:

The idea is, that the hireling will decimate all the taunted hordes really fast with frozen arrows, but I don´t know, if my sets synergize right?

Farming stats:

I really don´t know, how to get to max farm stats(I read all the guides), without losing much dmg…

Thanks guys!

One or two changes, i assume your warrior is for farming so you should probably try using the nadroji robe for the stronger monsters bonus, adventurer isnt a very good set anyway(only for newer builds)… for rogue swap the all skills mythic on your bow for an epic affix that gives +5000 WD, this will greatly increase your damage
Other than that, nice build and im jealous of those pets

And fir the rogue i dont think adventurer even works for hireling… someone correct me if im wrong though(i havent played i a while so might have been patched now)

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So you mean using 2x nadroij instead of 1x adventurer / 1x nadroij?

If I swap out the allskills, I don´t have 40 points in guidedshot - is it not needed?

What would you prefer as set instead of adventurer? Momentum?

Nadroji bonus on robe can only be active when you equip at least 2 of them nadroji bonus gives you 100% enemy rarity which mean more stronger enemy more valuable the item drop you’ll get, adventurer and momentum works well together.

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So this would work well on my warrior, with two pieces of nadroij.

Works Momentum well even without adventurer?

I actually use both momentum and adventurer, the adventurer really give boost damage better then mommentum itself.

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You equip two nadroji sets on your gear to activate thr bonus on nadroji robe item. This gives greater rarity of mobs on each map that you open. Thus giving you higher chances on getting rare legends. As for the momentum you always pair it up with adventurer bcause adventurer gives a lot of ms bonus when gold indicator is active. It excedes the cap of 50% ms speed. If you have 50 ms speed and u use momentum without adventrer,cbetter change the momentum to defiant or other set affixes that boosts your dmge. And quick tip…if u are using frozen set you can change some dmge affixes to farming affixes such as itemp drop and gold find. You can easily kill the bosses due to taunt and the mobs around it. Just always look on ur codex for mythic spawns to ensure u dont clear up all the mobs just bfore spawning it.

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I guess, itemdrops are the choice to go then - but I thought, i´ll lose some dmg then?

Will get a 2nd nadroij then on warrior to get more rare enemys :slight_smile:


I changed the + all skill to + 5000 weapon dmg, and it´s hot now - always doing around 1B dmg :slight_smile:

Next step is to change adventurer to nadroij robe on warrior, to get more rare/epic enemys to get more drops

After that - what would you do then?
I could make the roque-amulet(permafrost) to momentum so I have a synergize with adventurer armor?
What do you say?

Any idea where I could get a 2nd multi-attack to have multi-attack on 4?

Some amulets/rings have multi attack but you cant craft them onto one yourself.

leave permafrost for now, although looking at your current build momentum would be a little stronger, wait until you find a pet with momentum set that will imcrease your damage much more

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So no possiblity to get more multi-attack?

OK - I guess, it´s hard to get momentum-pet^^
What will be the better ascensions:

Accomplished or Hunter?

Do you mean Extra Attack . Multi Attack legend affix and mythstone can fit on ring and amulet. The legend multi attack affix fits anywhere.

Extra attack only on weapons but the legends with Extra attack do exist and do function quite well such as the ring and amulet of Living Force legends.

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Then i´ll delete the +75% CD on my amulet to get the +2 multiattack :slight_smile:
That´s possible, right?

Yes you must replace it. As for the ascension, you pick hunter if you want to get heroic points fast and double the exp, gold, power and luck through shrines. You choose accomplished if u want to finish the feats fast. This is good when farming pets as it shortens the req for each feats. I would prefer hunter.

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Oops my mistake. Enshrined is the one that gives you shrine empowerment while hunter gives epic bosses on each shrine and pool that you open. I prefer accomplished over hunter. Fortunate, enshrined and accomplished for me are the best first three ascensions to choose.

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try eternalized bro for eternal pet drop or items and u find some not good eternal, then convert to crystal or dust

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I already have eternalized on my warrior? :smile: