Need thoughts on my new set

hi guys i accidentally purchased a sthenno on the codex and viola, i got this terrific stats (perfect 2 affixes). so i went on and built a new set to this item, the only missing piece on my set right now is a eternal mutiny with a crystal weaken. my question and purpose on posting this are:

  1. get inputs from other players on what they think would be better done with the set, e.g. add an affix or remove it

  2. for others to give it a rating based on their knowledge on dq

  3. to provide reference for people who are also planning to build something like this.

basically on the performance side this set rocks, i mean i am at floor 1950+ right now and this rips through enemies in seconds, usually a level takes no more than 20 seconds max for me to get the map and the fastest kill i had so far testing the set (without the elixir on the weapon) is 7 seconds.

so please share your thoughts guys. please refrain from rubbish post. all helpful comments are welcome. thanks so much.

btw i have a eternal imp pet with inferno and useful stats are

weaken 60%
crit dmg 150%
crushing blow 20%

other stats are rubbish.

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Why u use Blindside and Celerity Talents ?

sorry i haven’t changed the talents yet. was still thinking

any thoughts guys?

Add weaken in your pistol and you good to go(crystal affix)

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Also i like frozen more than defiant. I get to one hit the cartographer when i taunt them. Just a suggestion, its up to you.


i was thinking of a eternal insolence with a crystal weaken. i am just not sure how long will it take me for it to drop. i already have 45k dust and i still haven’t got the chance to have the eternal insolence drop. i might purchase it once i hit around 100k dust


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Or you can just put obsidian on it…

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yeah but my point is to get a eternal with a crystal affix to further strengthen the set hehe

Oh… My advice equip up to 3 eternalized set so your eternalized will become 7. It helps faming for eternal items. Plus with treasured perk.

thanks for the advice. i only have 5 eternalized on my farming set but i have max gold and luck and can easily sweep floors between 800 - 1000 (max 30 secs to clear with all shrines activated). i am still trying to figure out the most efficient way to farm though because it takes me about 45 mins to finish a mythical enemy quest from scratch (0 epic kills and 0 legend kills). was thinking it is possible in 25 - 30 mins. still unsure though i need to make a lot of calculations before i start building a set again my crystals got burned when i created this set.

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Great! Good luck.

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thanks mate