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Hi Guys,

Im just new in this forum and I just had my wizard character for 3 weeks. Thanks for the aftermath guide anyway which I found it in here. I’ve been grinding now to my 1st ascension and guess what, Im on my way! :slight_smile: And yeah this game really hooked me up thats why I registered an account to this forum to ask some questions Im confused of. Its my first time to play an RPG though so please have a patient if I cant catch up easily. :blush:

  1. What is an element effectiveness? (please site me a scenario)
  2. I read that in aftermath set(said by CuzegSpiked) that you must have an affixes of “Weapon Damage” instead of elemental damage like arcane, ice, fire, poison and lightning damage. WHY???
  3. How to improve my aftermath set?
  4. Ive read in the codex that some legend items can be obtained by “POWERFUL ENEMIES” like nadroji and maelstrom. I mean what type of enemy do I have to kill to obtained these items?
  5. Below is the picture uploaded by f00kee with his guide “Wizard Build [EarthShaker]”, How the hell he can have a +5 all different set affixes? I mean look at the +5 aftermath, +5 cosmic power, +5 druidic, +5 equality, +5 plagued, +5 spell sword and +5 permafrost? How did he make it to PLUS 5 different set affixes?

You can skip some questions if you dont have an answer. And thanks in advance for your answers!

  1. Element effectiveness is basically like using effective mythic. If element effectiveness is 100% , its just like using effective mythic from my knowledge.
  2. Oh that was the old me I think. I don’t recall saying this before but I was a total newbie at the time. Actually ed like arcane dmg, fire dmg and so on makes the aftermath build that much better. Same with ed% . I mean I got to floor 750+ with an ascendant aftermath build with the plagued affix for more poison dmg and high overall dmg.
  3. It’s really up to you. One could try to make the exact copy of green garden build then make it aftermath based but that needs experience and lots of crystals. Another way is by having IGNORE RESIST, mythic such as harmony+ energy (where energy is on the ring or whatever and harmony is on hat). Also maybe try glasscannon, explosive, more 100% elemn crits (blight, blistering, etc), higher elemental crit chance, focus talent (because sorcery isn’t good with ignore resist), mythic that could be vanish, comsic orb/bombard/arc , empower, and many other affixes that drastically improve a build. Research what affixes you may need and trial and error. Thats all I can say.
    Basic though is rage (5), 225% crit dmg crystal affix (350% crit dmg is easily obtained with rage and 225% crit dmg ) and 45% crit chance to make that 350% crit dmg in every build worth it.
  4. Powerful enemies means epic enemies and above. This means you can only get rare legends from carto, enslavers, epic enemies, shrine epic enemies obtained from hunter/enshrined, legend enemies and mythic enemies. In a way it’s better than patch 2.0, because it’s limited to epic+enemies. That means all I have to do is massacre epic enemies every day and easily get many rare legends with proper farming affixes.
  5. To get (5) on a set, you must have filled the all sets cap to 4+ all sets. This can be gained by 2 of the legend affix [ 2+ all sets] or by using 2 of elixir mythstone with [2+all sets]. 1+ (4+ all sets cap)= (5) if you just use one set slot.
    For eg, aftermath is at (1) without all sets. Woth the capped all sets, (1)+4= (5). The maxed cap of a set affix is (8) and the only way to reach that goal is using all sets affix. All sets is the best way to make efficient builds with 7 WORKING SETS!

Thank you, I answered your questions :smile:

  1. element effectiveness is using the right element against the enemy’s element. it is ice vs fire and vice versa and poison vs shock and vice versa. if you use the right element you deal 25% more damage, iirc, but i’m not really sure.
  2. check out: (pardon the self promotion)
    Breaking Down the DPS formula
  3. that could prove difficult without having a look at your equipment.
  4. epic and above enemies
  5. check his ring and amulet. they both have +2 set bonus increasing the sets to (5)