Need Wizard Build Suggestion


Hi, It’s me titithegreat from Schwuler Guild and I’m new here. Can anyone suggest me a wizard build that can fast run and can do solo every floor please? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks


1°- This game dont have guilds, 2°- learn the game and you dont need to ask anyting to anyone, 3°- get skullshield full dmg whid block/dodge an is going to be a peace of cake :+1:!


No, we had an fb secret group that we call guild but thanks for your suggestion.


Is not a secret anymore :joy::joy:!


Lol… it’s still a secret because we used different names. :sweat_smile:


What is it, @AU our AS, maybe FE?


It’s named in french.


@zomboy are an AS?


:joy: :joy: :joy: , i Play this game solo, i dont belong to any group.


@Titidanielle.,well everybody came from scratch well enjoying the game and reading codex might be a great help.,btw @zomboy suggestion using a skull shield if ur a wizard class was a skull user too.but im not a dodge and block user.,all out dmg was my playstyle.though your name was something naughty at our dialect.,goodluck sir.where the heck youve got that user name.,.,:joy::joy::joy::pray::pray::pray:


Where did you get our AS?:joy::joy::joy:


Mark Zuk give me print’s on your AS…

group :joy: :joy: :joy:!


Prints of what???and why should i.:joy::joy::joy:


Skullshield with block and dodge as @ZOMBOY suggested

add me on the group need much to learn