Need wizard farming build


hi im looking for a build for a wizard that can run dungeon fast and has high survivability also that can take me to atleast 600-700 floor for me to farm epiphany items.

thanks a lot! and sorry for being noob


Try search calamity build or the reactor orb build those are insane dps


thank you ill try to look into it sir


i checked on the build sir they are both pure on damage , is there something you can recommend with something balanced also with farming affix?


Discordance orb try it hp doest matter in high floors


thank you sir i thought it matters sorry


tr crono build dama dama


thank you


Hunt for frozen and Pathfinder set. This will help you a lot hunt very piece


i have a question sir.

when hunting specific class item does it better to do solo farm or it doesn’t matter if you are with a hireling ?

also if in the codex says powerful enemy does that works for shrine monsters only ?

sorry still confused on farming stuffs


I don’t know if having a hireling affects the drop of other classes item , but before when I’m solo farm I can’t hunt frozen and Pathfinder , even Defiant, maelstrom and mayhem and powerful enemies are magic-mythic enemy but hunting items with specific difficulties is best in epic+ use hunter Mythic to spawn fast :slight_smile:


Try farm 200+ floors minimum and maximum of 350 floor , for frozen and Pathfinder keep in mind also the rage set and reactor with dodge crystal affix it’s lessen your crystal consuming .


i’ve been spamming floor 200 m3 just grinding exp also hoping i can get something like insolence,mutiny, or vaccus. i always get nadroji hehe


Do you have nadroji affix in your set ? Try go till250 floor , you’ll get some nice stuff in farming build


yes i have nadroji affix on my current set sir . ill try to spam floor 250 sir thanks a lot in helping