Needs clarification


can Push The Limit and Barbarian be rolled thru rubies?

epic affix wep dmg % maxed roll is 100% , is this true on this current patch?

can i have legend affix wep dmg 100% and epic affix wep dmg 100% on the same weapon ?

im planning to have these but wants to be sure

replies will be much appreciated.


Hope this will help

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No push the limit and barbarian are drop only affixes.

Yes the max roll of epic WD% is 100% on current patch.

No and legend WD% now has a max roll of 200% :smile:

thanks for the fast replies

now it is clear
because i saw on the list of affixes in wikia that can Push The Limit and Barbarian be rolled thru rubies

thanks for the bonus info that wep dmg % legend affix can be rolled at 200%:scream:

Yup WD% affixes had their values doubled it’s awesome :smile:


im so greedy having 100% wep dmg % on epic affix and at the same time 200% wep dmg on the legend , 50 % on mythstone with 5000 wep dmg .all in one wep

but turns out not possible :cold_sweat:

Just gotta multiply damage through other means then :smile:


currently working on my sets :

bloodbath < mythic >
cosmic power

feel free to put your opinion on this

if you’re using druidic I would also suggest the use of plagued :smile:


for the fast reply

im thinking adding plagued will be good for PVE but im thinking will it be useful for PVP since im on 1V1 league?

im also thinking frozen to consider but im so new with this set planning to switch from poison to ice.
what goes well with frozen?

Aaaah you meant in PvP well then I would suggest either satyr’s spirit or fauns gift with all of your natures set respectively to of greed or of luck depending on whether or not you are using Mp or HP as your main source of survivability

im planning to invest on crystal mp regen and mp epic affix to utilize my cosmic power aided by blood magic .
to be amplified by defiant and glasscannon.

this is what im using as of now.

can you tell me something to improve this.

this is much appreciated

I would suggest not running MP regen and instead running the druidic bonus as you already intend to use druidic

how can i maximize drudic without stacking amounts of mp regen ?

Druidic bonus is 2000 HP regen if you have 1 set affix of druidic in your build in PvP which is much stronger then crystal MP regen :smile:

yep i have +2 sets from mythic stone and add 1 more from gear to make it 4 for the PVP.

do you mean that set bonus still take effect on PVP?

The requirements and effects of bonuses are actually scaled down to 40% of their originals in PvP so yes druidic bonus will work :smile:

thank you for giving me your expertise

but one last thing

i have 7 5000 ED , how can i defeat this amount to deal much better damage?

Adding push the limit will help you out greatly in this situation since it will simple increase your skill cost and will not decrease your HP pool :smile:

thanks for that:grin: