Negative dmg?

Is it poosible to deal negative dmg? If so, how does game react?

My idea to deal negative dmg is to use SDS armor bad affix with momentum(11). All sets can be used if SDS set is removed and I think there is a momentum pet.

Hypothesis on game reactions:
-Game crashes
-Ennemies die in a single strike
-Ennemies keep their max health
-Ennemies overcap their max HP

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if you have the item with Wrath and only used Weapons with the Element that the monsters on the Maps are Resistant to (Poison Weapon on Poison Map) and if any of these monsters have Greatly Resist to the same Element, you could get your Damage close to zero, but I don’t think you could get your DMG to less than zero, or you would end up Healing the monsters instead! I have seen that in some games.

the only way to do zero DMG to a monster is if it is Immune to the Element you are using and you don’t have Weaken or Ignore Resist on your Equipment.

the item with Sloth could be interesting. no movement unless you use Teleport, Vault, or something like that, or add Movement Speed through affixes, Myth Stones, Mythic affixes, or Skills. you would be moving slower than if you got hit by an Ice attack.

if you have enough Weaken, you can cause monsters to have negative resistance, and thus do extra DMG.

Yes if your enemy is immune to your element damage it is bad. But there are are other kinds of damage to think about :sunglasses:

I mean that wrath gives-50% dmg, sloth gives -100% move speed. Momentum(6) increases total dmg by 60% of your move speed = -60%. So you have -110% total dmg.

Momentum increases DMG +10% per Rank of your Movement Speed Bonus %. so if you don’t add any extra Speed on your Build, you get ZERO extra DMG from Momentum. Characters normal movement speed is already at 100%. with affixes, Skills, and any other movement bonus, it can get up to 200%. Wrath just makes your original movement rate of 100% 0% instead. has anyone tested the 0% movement just for fun to see if you become immobile?

Wrath would still halve your DMG.

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When I look in stat page with sloth, I have negative speed. (-90% because of dexterity)


well, my curiosity has been engaged! I guess I am going to be spending some Dust and doing some tests myself.

but I understand what you mean by the negative DMG now.

I did some tests.

Wrath: this Sin Affix reduces Total DMG -50%. when I checked the Stat Page, it doesn’t look like it reduces DMG by 50%, but when I checked DMG against monsters, you can see the reduced DMG in effect.

Sloth: this Sin Affix reduces movement speed by -100%. although you can’t move, Vault, Teleport, and other ways of moving with Skills still work. Skills and affixes that increase your movement speed will also work, but they are added to the -100%. I did a test with 1 Point in Dexterity (+0.5% Movement Speed), which gives a -99.5% movement speed. it took about a minute before I could tell that I was moving :unamused:. if your SDS Set Bonus isn’t active, then you would need a total of +100% movement speed to get your original movement speed back. even with just Dexterity 20 (+10% Movement Speed) I was still going pretty slow.

Sloth & Momentum: the Sloth Sin Affix is considered a Movement Speed Bonus, even though it is Negative. I tested this with just Sloth & Momentum (1), and the DMG went down from just having Sloth on the Equipment and then adding Momentum. I realized that I would need to spend a lot more Crystals & Dust to see if Sloth, Wrath, and Momentum (5) could get to Zero DMG, or close to Zero DMG, and I decided that someone else who is really interested could do the tests.

@DuDono since the DMG is going down in these tests, this would only make the monsters happy. also, seeing that Red Negative Movement Speed was kind of creepy. especially when I went to a Map and tested to see if I could move.

personally, I think using Sloth Sin Affix in a Build could be a good test of a players Crafting Skills of how to get around without being able to move. using Momentum would be a bad idea unless a player wanted to test their DMG Crafting Skills.

@Golem, do you know that in some (old) games, damage can’t be negative and going below causes what we call an underflow. In that case, negative dmg means tons of dmg.

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I don’t think I have ever played those games, but I have played a few where negative damage heals the enemy. oh, I remember, AQW had a few items that when you did negative DMG, you ended up healing the enemy, but you made up for it, because those items did tons of DMG when RNG went the other way.

Weaken is the only part of DQ that has a similar feel, I think.

I guess devs aren’t bad and that they coded damage on a var that can be negative. Health must be able to be negative so dealing such dmg would cause another underflow and heal ennemies. I was wrong, in old games, dealing too much dmg caused overflow and dealt no so much dmg. But we should remember that underflows can be done with everything if we find how reaching unusual values.

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Vampiric touch and masochism seems extremely negative to me.

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well, I only used Momentum (1), but that only reduced how much DMG I did. I don’t know if Momentum(5) or better, with 100% Sloth and Wrath, would heal a monster instead of harming it.

@dickwad those only sound negative. VT gives extra HP & Bleed DMG. haha, Masochism, what a name for a Set. Heals lower HP when Health is over 50%, but you don’t get the DMG boost from Masochism if your Health is over 75%. this Set actually sucks unless you use it with Defiant and/or Blood Magic, in which case it is actually kind of awesome.