Neon blades not working

I just bought neon blades for 500 robux but i cant seem to use it. Nothing happens when I select equip. Can someone help?

@Gjames55 this is the Forums for Dungeon Quest, not Dungeon Quest Roblox. they are different games.

although I don’t play the game, have you clicked on the Neon Blades to see if there are any requirements to actually using them? it could be you don’t meet a requirement for using them. other than that, I hope your problem get resolved and you continue to enjoy DQ Roblox.

if you are ever interested in playing an offline game, Dungeon Quest is pretty good.

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Welcome to the forum @Gjames55

oh men … another one another one dj khaled yelling again and again

I really wish I understood where these Roblox lames are coming from.