Network PVP/Offline PVP Request

I think it would be very nice if we can PVP offline, like just the old snake game on nokia phone where they can connect to each other. It will be really fun if you can see who’s your playing with in real time. Or when you are playing with your friends.

Offline pvp via bluetooth or infrared?

yeah, that would be cool, also by using wifi, like the way I use shareit app. They will be the first to make this kind of game.

Yes it is and if they can upgrade it we can do a group battle or group farming haha

I looking for that kind of game.

In waiting for the day that they will do it ever since they start arena ^^

I am hoping that the developer sees this request.

In old days I tho this idea was already been postim not sure haha

Yes, Maybe, but I am opening again this topic because I really what this feature of the game. Me and my friends are playing this so it will be fun if we can test our weapons to each other.

This has been suggested many, many times in many, many manners.

I am still in support of Bluetooth Co-Op and PVP. That would be wonderful. Guilds and such, however, would take away from the offline intention of the game.

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