New Arcane Boss

Why not create an arcane legendary boss and open up some floors to make room for it . We got thunder, poison, fire, and ice. Why not an arcane? And add a few more variety of axes for warrior fates travesty is getting rusty lol.


Agree :smiley:

Make it’s map on a temple setting or something soothing to the vision. Always seeing the fire floors are hurting to the eyes! Hope we take care of your player’s eye health too :wink:

Nice idea… :smile:

you might saw an arcane floor using challenge map :smile:

Yeah that would be interesting or cool. Maybe even a 5th boss battle with arcane abilities or a mythic enemy that usually uses arcane. There haven’t been enemies that use arcane attacks tbh. Or just a mythic arcane enemy that acts as a challenging boss with the orbit skill but not too challenging and it doesn’t happen too much. A nerfed version of player orbit skill from the mythic enemies but still activates sometimes.

The arcane boss battle though could have a variety of abilities but what would be the name? We already have Ignis, Malum angus , Nix Gigas and Ignis . Maybe a name such as Astral or Aether with some name. The boss could be a summoner type with the staff casting arcane bolts and arcane orbits .

Lmao, you just read my mind

Lmao XD :smile: .

The name would be arcana!! The arcane mistress xD thot that there should be a woman boss too ya know hahahah

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Lol cool. Also isn’t cartographer a woman and the summoner enemy’s . They sure look like witches and women lol.

Are they really? XD hahahah

Yeah when I think about it. They always look like they could be female witches. They sure don’t look genderlike easily.

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