New Character Question Please Help

Hey there! Well I’ve been playing Dungeon Quest pretty often lately and I have a level 30 wizard. I played a while back and had a level 20-30 warrior but wanted to try the wizard on my new account. After a while I started missing the warrior class so is there any way I can make a warrior class? Or am I forced to purchase a character “slot” just to have a second character? Thanks in advance!

Also, what’s the benefit with having an ingame DQ account? Because when I register, and I click the activation link in the email, it says “Account Does Not Exist” so I’m just curious as to if it’s worth it or not to have an ingame DQ account. Thanks again!

Yes you need to purchase a new slot for a second character.
An ingame account lets you upload your characters to the shinybox server so u can download em to a different device if you change your phone or if your save is corrupted

If you are having issues creating a new DQ Account just shoot us an email: and we will help you out. I would recommend using a DQ Account just for the fact that it is easier for us to help you address an in game issues you might have!

Thanks for playing!!

Sweet. Will do. Thanks a lot guys!