New Class Suggestion Monk

A tough close combat class with expertise in Martial Arts and Healing.

Suggested Main Hand Weapons.

Primary JAB - Throws jabs to nearby enemies inflicting 100% MH Dmg and has +10% Critical Chance.
Special DESTRUCTIVE BLOW - Fires a super powerful punch to a nearby enemy dealing 500% MH Dmg and stunning that enemy for 2 secs. +10% chance to cast Deadly Strike.

Nunchaku(correct my spelling if it’s wrong)
Primary SWING - Swings the nunchaku to nearby enemies dealing 100% MH Dmg and Knockback.
Special FULL SWING - Throws a full force swing that greatly knockbacks all enemy units around the Monk dealing 400% MH Dmg.

Battle Staff/Battle Rod
Primary SWAT - Hits nearby enemies with the Staff/Rod dealing 100% MH Dmg
Special DASH - Dashes forward damaging all enemies on contact. Deals 300% MH Dmg. +10% Chance to cast Weaken.

Suggested Off-Hand Weapons:

Beads(Those things monks wear on their necks)
Primary HEAL - Heals the Monk for 100% OH Dmg.
Special MEDITATE - Regenerates HP and MP for 200% OH Dmg each for 4 secs.

Monk Necklace
Primary BLOCK - Blocks projectiles back to Caster. 20%-50% Dmg Taken from Projectiles. 100% OH Dmg Returned Projectile.
Special STATUE - Summons a statue in front of the Monk that deals 100% OH Dmg. The statue then explodes after 3 secs dealing 750% OH Dmg and Blinding nearby enemy units.

Tribal Neckgear
Primary SPIRIT - Summons an elemental spirit exactly where the Monk is standing. Enemies that get too close will receive 100% MH Elemental Critical Damage. Lasts 10 secs.
Special RETURN - The Monk teleports to the nearest elemental spirit leaving a 400% elemental critical in the previous position.

I haven’t thought of a 4th MH and OH weapon. :sweat_smile:

Suggested Set Affix
FRENZY - Each time you use your Primary MH skill it will increase your Attack Speed by +5% per rank. Stacks 5 times beyond Cap.
BONEBREAKER - Each yard of knockback deals additional +20% Dmg per rank to skill.
LIGHTSPEED - Doubles Movespeed for Dash increasing Dmg by +25% per rank. +10% Chance per rank to cast another Dash.
ASTRAL WALK - Elemental Spirits runs +2 yards per rank forward from the Monk. While running the elemental spirit will not be destroyed even if it will come in contact with enemies but still triggers elemental criticals. Elemental Spirits lasts 3 seconds per rank longer.

Suggested New Mythic:
Synchronization - All positive skill buffs(Mana Shield, Shield Wall, Stealth, Heal, Meditate etc) on a hireling will also be buffed to you.

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