New Element

Yo DQ . How about adding new Elements like Water , Earth or Wind ? Since we got fire , arcane , lightning , ice , poison . Sorry for my bad English .

Agreed… Esp wind huhuhu

Water= ice. Wind= Shock . Earth= Poison. Thats technically how I see what DQ already is. Fire is fire. Arcane is arcane.

New elements could be cool but idk?

Rock and Water . Not ice . Or Darkness and Light .

Ice is just frozen form of water. Poison makes sense with Earth since you could technically get uranium and poison gases to really hurt mobs.

Shock makes sense with wind since you can get lightning from thunderstorm winds.

That’s why I made that analogy . It’s not literal but figurative.

Still id love the devs to add these awesome elements heheheheh

Yeah. I thought we already had so many elements but it would be nice. Also Arcane could be related to darkness as an analogy but what would relate to Light?

Darkness and Light or Angelic/Demonic element since the Devs like their angelic and demonic things in game.
Why? Vanities, Angelic set, Demonic set , Angelic pets (adventure doge for eg) , Demonic pets (fairy that look like demon for eg) and the slimes with Demonic and Angelic.

I’m not sure what Demonic and Angelic element would do but it would be interesting to think about.

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How about energy element and wave elements ( like sonic booms or some sort?) Heheheh

Lol. Energy and Fury as element form ? Fury as in waves. Energy as in sonic boom lol.

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I mean it like skills and stuff like i can fire energy elements like a beam of energy or laser hahahab

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Lol . The closest thing to lasers and beams are Arcs and bolts ATM but I see what you’re saying.

I would love that to happen lmao. One of the gauntlet textures looks like a laser glove that could be invented in 22nd or 23rd century .

Extend Blast Skill as that’s kind of a beam.

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Dont talk anymore guys, CuzegSpiked has answers. :joy::joy::joy: Before Numbers now Science …deym how genius you are .

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Lol. Midlumer is like a physicist . So awesome at maths .

@marwinberna , I wish I was genius.Apparently many geniuses were autistic like I am , especially the man himself Einstein. I may not be a genius or even a prodigy but I’d love to make a difference in the world , small or big.

I think I could make a difference with IT skills since technology keeps advancing so much.


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Tho i doubt we’ll all still be alive in the 22nd or 23rd century tho hahahahah

But it’s a possibility that life extension advances so much. Who knows.

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I certainly hope so hahaha

Still i would like to have nadroji, eternalize & crystalline on offhand

Lol. (8) crystalline would be my dream. (8) nadroji is already achievable and same with (8) eternalised. Or at least Crystalline Ring/Amulet like the ones with Eternalised. While not too practical, it’s worth trying when it’s possible. I see where you’re coming from though.