New gear

why is only an eternal staff with mythical? Why don’t exist a eternal glove with mythical or even an eternal wand?

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Because it would be op if you could get an eternal boomberang with double epic WD%&+, double damage from a mythic and an extra double epic… oh wait :sweat:

the Mythic Set items with the Mythical Legend affix are a theme item. the Mythic Set helps to find Myth Stones, which are used to make Mythic affixes that turn an item into a Mythic item. since some of the Mythic affixes do damage (MH/OH Mythic, for example), the Mythic Legend affix allows the user to increase the damage of those Mythic affixes that do damage.
as far as it being a staff, from a Dev’s point of view, it might have been for game balance. for the player, staffs can hold a lot of magical power compared to gauntlets, wands, or swords. at least in many fantasy stories, that is how it seems.

Ok!! But in this game the gauntlets are more powerful than the others. Yet don’t change my opinion that should be a eternal gauntlet with at least 4 sockets to put a mythic stone.

that would be nice, but then everyone would want the same for other items. where does it stop? I bet some Dev is reading this and broke out in a cold sweat thinking of all the work needed to redo the coding. :sweat_smile:

or he can allow players to change the epic affixes :laughing: