New guy here, and a few ideas

First of all, I want to say that I like this game a lot.
I’ve begun playing from 2-3 days ago…and I reached floor 115, always on mythic difficulty.

Now…from what I can see…the first crystal doesn’t drop anymore…or very rarely. It’s the crystal that changes the item “nature”…from fire to poison, ect…randomly.
With the kind of build I play…I need many of those crystals, because I use items that increases damage to arcane, and since I craft almost on every 20 floors to be able to keep up with the difficulty I run out of them very quickly. I even buy crystals…but it’s hard to get it.
Can you please increase the drop rate of this crystal a bit?

Also…I saw that we can convert items only to crystals. For those on normal until epic I think it’s fine, and here’s an idea.
If we have 2 identical legendary items…for example 2 golex gauntlet, it would be good to have the possibility to convert in a higher rank, I believe it’s light blue? And only with found items…not crafted or bought.
The same with the cartographer maps.

Another thing I thought of is…some kind of “colosseum” challenge.
Something like this…we defeat a “boss” that drops the challenge, exactly like the cartographer.
But…here you have to defeat 1000 enemies in 1 minute. Or something like this. And if you fail…you get teleported back in the normal floor…until you find the boss again on the next floor. And of course it could have many levels…each with increased difficulty…and so on…something like the rifts in d3.
Of course it doesn’t have to be exactly how I wrote.

And now I want to finish with a question…the max level is 100? Are there any paragons?:thinking::joy:

Crystals: every 100 floors, a lower crystal stops dropping, but higher tier crystals are easier to get, up to floor 500. so at floor 500+, the 5 lowest crystals don’t drop. you could buy the lower ones from the shop, or convert items into crystals, or convert higher crystals into lower crystals, or just go to a low enough floor that you can get the crystals you want.
Crystal Items (Cyan/Light Blue): there are about 20 affixes that can be Crystal affixes. Legend or Eternal Items can be found with a Crystal affix, if one of the affixes are on the Crystal Affix List. the Obsidian Crystal can be used to place a Crystal Affix on an item, and there can only be 1 Crystal affix on an item, except for Pets. so you can have 1 on each item for a total of 6. Luck, Treasured Perk, and Crystaline Set increase your chance of finding items with a Crystal Affix.
Max Character Level: that is Level 99. because there are many different ways to craft your items, it is possible to make a set of items/gears/equipment that can go to very high floors. I had a hard time killing bosses on Very Easy difficulty when I first started playing DQ, now I can slash the Hardest Bosses up to floor 200 in seconds. Challenge Maps are harder than regular maps and can go over Floor 200, so when monsters get hard to kill, that just means I need to remake my gear into something more powerful. I am up in the 800’s floors, but got distracted by Ascending some of my other Character Slots, but eventually I will get back to climbing floors.
Paragons: I kind of feel like anyone who makes it to Floor 500+ of M3 can be considered a Paragon. others might have different ideas about that, but that’s ok, since DQ is about having fun and seeing how far you can get your Toon to go, either in the Campaign or Battle Arena. in the Campaign, you are pushing yourself to your limits and beyond, and in the Arena, you are pushing yourself past another players limits. I guess some players can be called Eternal Paragons if they make it to the Top 3 of Division 1 Eternal League.
@Masmerize welcome to DQ Forum.


Please do continue playing DQ. There are a lot of things waiting to unfold in your way to floor 200 and beyond that will blow your mind and push the limits of your imagination. :smile_cat:


Playing mythic in a few days. Well done :slight_smile:

I’ve done that almost from the beginning. Since I played a few years rpgs…especially diablo. So it’s easy for now.


@Masmerize I played diablo 2 for 10 years :slight_smile:

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I’ll post here since I already made suggestions.
Here’s others. :slightly_smiling_face:
New characters, Amazon , Paladin , Necromancer, Barbarian.
New legendaries…I mean legendary items from diablo franchise. :heart_eyes:
A more “fitting” talent tree. The same with stats.
Of course…“diablo like”.:grin:
More diverse monsters. Maybe even a few new acts.
The sets should have another color, like it was in diablo, it’s easier for newbies to recognise without checking all the time the codex.
Maybe green for sets, eternals purplle and mythics black? :thinking:


Add trophies for pve!