New Hero/Class will be awesome

How About new Hero/Class guys? Beast Shifter one? OH special skill will transform your hero to a beast dragon/tiger/turtle

On dragon your damage was high but the attack speed and armor was lowm
On tiger attack speed was fast but the armor and damage are low.
On turtle your armor was high but the damage and attack speed are low.

So Itchi can’t stop thinking of it. :smiley:

If new class you say, Monk would be the most possible candidate above anything else.

Some class Beast/Robot/Human/Element :smile:

Assasin would be great also

Gumiho pls hahaha

Whats that? XD

A fox right?

its a Rouge :smile:


Like Udyr in league of legends.
Fasination = 10
Originality = 0


Alchemist. And amurai!! Hahah

Full support priest. Buffs and heal. Oh wait, that’s an online rpg.

Its hard to have a full support u really need a nuker cuz healing wont get u much if u cant kill a single enemy and u just keep healing urself :wink:

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Maybe it can damage undead via heal or something like that.

If its something like that… Could probably work hahah like omninight in dota if u know what i mean hahah :wink::joy:

New class clown :laughing::laughing: a killer hit type clownn
Wizard= skill type or mana type
Clown= hit type :laughing::laughing::laughing:

new idea zombie class lol

Yep, like Ahri in LoL :smile:

I would suggest a samurai like Yasuo form LoL.

Would be awesome and really fun!

its a Kyuubi from naruto lol

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Class Monk? is one that ta being favorite in good a class that uses stick and hands in the case of hands a ball with much effect left hand, bad to repeating the word hand, most can only think of two weapons the primary, the third that does not come into my head, still talking on the weapons offline, why the three characters each has 3 main types of weapons and weapons offline, which makes it 3 classes for each character.
there goes creativity of DQ it to make a new class, ah I naruto would love the Akatsuki robe on DQ haha !!!