New idea hunting enslaver

Is anybody here already have an idea or build for hunting legend or eternal pet, coz we have new feat enslaver here.??


Use what I have listed below but change to hunt at floor 400 and up now. You can try a different difficulty (Epic, Legend, M1, M2 or M3) as long as your Luck is still 1012% etc.


Narodji bonus

Yes @zaraki

I need to update my pet thread with this information. I have tested since 3.0.0 has been released and the Nadroji Bonus appears to make a (minor) difference.

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Yeah I noticed. Weird. I guess enemy rarity increase rarity of item from Enslaver and Cartographers (minor differences).

Although I also found a lot more legends in general too because enemy rarity 100% doubles the groups of magic enemies and rare enemies.

Also you can get increased chance of legend pet if map is 1000% Luck like Legend Map or Epic Map since that affects Cartographers or Enslaver exclusively.

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easy map with 1012% will work?

Well yes but more investment lol. More investment to get 1012% luck on gear on easy mode map and wish that the map has 1000% luck.

time to test some theory

My first test is buy map from floor 400+ easy difficult, and I also use hireling. I filled 2 bags with map…
I only use (6) eternalize (5) nadroji and luck below 850…
And for the results I only found 2 eternal pet without legend, and get confused coz red enslaver didn’t drop legend pet…

Legend Enslaver will not drop Legend pet. It is merely a step toward Mythic Enslaver which will drop an eternal pet. Per @Griffin “The reason legend enemies drop legendary gear is because they are legend tier this guarantees a legend drop the same thing applies to legend enslavers they are another type of legend tier enemy and will have at least 1 guaranteed legend drop this drop however is not the pet.”


This is a fundamentally flawed outlook on the affix cost of farming at higher difficulties the luck+gold find boost you receive for playing on M3 is ~3 affixes worth total while you now need to deal an increase of ~10000% more damage to kill things compared to very easy difficulty naturally this costs a /LOT/ more then 3 affixes especially after considering that any farm build that focuses on very easy will have already been making use of all of the most efficient damage multipliers already.

TLDR: farm pets at floor 400 very easy it’s better in every way assuming you aren’t trying to get the SDS pet