New Item Slots ( Magic potions? )

Since there is so much extra space on the page with the pet I think you should add potion slow.

These slots (health and mana) can have there own abilities and you an get magic, rare, epic and legendary. Perhaps even have a natural regeneration, after killing rares or certain number of kills to gain one potion.

We’re considering it :smile:

More item slots to fill could be fun, and potions with stats/abilities tied to them is definitely a cool idea.

Let us know what type of items you’d like to see in those extra slots on the pet page, and we’ll keep discussing it on our end to see what ( if anything ) we’d like to add.

Maybe cloak/cape, boots, belt
And the other two slots for trinkets with active/passive buffs/auras/skills etc

Activated items could be cool but ui space is low

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Right, plus if we have potions as items with secondary abilities, we could essentially have 6 total abilities that way. I’d be concerned that adding another button would make the UI too cluttered.

The magic potions could modify the health and mana pots so they use the same buttons (replacing existing potions but still need to be purchased and maybe for increased price). This would also make potions useful to those with high leach and/or regen.

  1. Gain 25% move speed for 5 seconds when health potion is used
  2. For 10 seconds after using a mana potion you heal for 10 life per point of mana used
  3. Using health potion causes an explosion for 50% of overhealing to all enemies in ## range

Not sure how this would work but even a mod that makes using a health and or mana pot uses the other as well (need both to use one)

Yup, that’s the idea :smile: We’re definitely thinking along the same lines. Somewhere in-between PoE’s Flasks and D3’s Legendary Potions that’s more of a fit for our game.

It would likely be an potion/flask item with random item affixes like every other equip-able item plus a skill that says “Every time you use your health potion, X happens”. That way we don’t change the potion system, just add this effect on top of it. Your character may not need mana potions anymore from having really high regen/leech, but he may be able to use the secondary effect from the Potion/Flask item, so it’d result in mana potions being useful for that player again!

INDEED!!! I play PoE and D3.