New Legends - Forum Design Contest

As with tradition, we’re going to be adding 8-10 new Legend items for our next patch that promote different builds and play-styles. Because we love your feedback and know that you might have ideas for some new items, we’re up for hearing some of your ideas for new Legend items!

After judging submitted designs closer to patch release, we’ll announce which items are making it into the game in addition to the ones we are already creating.

In general, we follow this format for Legends:

Legend Name
[ul][li]Item Type[/li]
[li]Item Element[/li]
[li]Talent on item, if applicable[/li]
[li]Epic Affix 1 ( or Set Affix )[/li]
[li]Epic Affix 2[/li]
[li]Epic Affix 3[/li]
[li]Epic Affix 4[/li]
[li]Epic Affix 5 ( or Random Affix )[/li]
[li]Epic Affix 6 ( or Random Affix )[/li][/ul]

This is list of the affixes in the game, but also feel free to use affixes not yet implemented:
[li]Attack Speed[/li]
[li]Mana Cost (W)[/li]
[li]Extra Bolt Chance [/li]
[li]Crit Chance[/li]
[li]Crit Damage[/li]
[li]Mana Regen[/li]
[li]Mana Leech[/li]
[li]Health Regen[/li]
[li]Health Leech[/li]
[li]Gold Find[/li]
[li]Magic Find[/li]
[li]Arcane Resist[/li]
[li]Spell Resist[/li]
[li]Weapon Damage + (W)[/li]
[li]Weapon Damage % (W)[/li]
[li]Extra Attack Chance[/li]
[li]Item Quantity[/li]
[li]Movement Speed[/li]
[li]Reflect Damage[/li]
[li]Increased AoE[/li]
[li]Specific Talents[/li]
[li]“Ascendent” ( Elementalist / Champion)[/li]
[li]“Blood Magic” ( Spirit / Berserker )[/li]
[li]All Elementalist / All Champion[/li]
[li]All Arch Mage / All Defender[/li]
[li]All Spiritmancer / All Berserker[/li]
[li]All Talents[/li][/ul]

Feel free to submit as many items as you’d like, we’ll review them all. Thanks again for everyone’s feedback and participation in our forums, we’re looking forward to seeing what some of you guys come up with! :smile:

Can I make legend name too? :wink:

Yup! There’s no guarantee we’ll use it ( especially if its something wacky like “The Sword of 1000 Truths” ) but we’ll try to make it work.

Re-edit: :smiley: thanks!

Legend Name: Eyarowen’s Blade
Item Type: Sword
Item Element: Poison Dmg

Blood Knight

Epic Affix 1: Attack Speed
Epic Affix 2: Weapon Damage + (W)
Epic Affix 3: Weapon Damage % (W)
Epic Affix 4: HP Leech
Epic Affix 5 % Thorns
Epic Affix 6: % Block

Simba’s Scimitar

(Credit for helping testing builds haha jk)

Legend name : ifrit’s blade
Element: fire

Affix 1: weapon damage +
Affix 2: weapon damage %
Affix 3: crit damage
Affix 4: blood knight 1/6
Affix 5; attack speed
Affix 6: hp

Legend Name: Aegis Armor

Item Type: Chest
Item Element: Fire

Talent on item: Hardened
Blood Knight

All Talents
Attack Speed
Spell Resist

Staff of Magnus
Trail (Missle leaves trail behind, which put DOT on every creature on it, for some time)
Mana Leech
Attack Speed
Random Affix
Random Affix

Great entries so far :smile:

Leaving this open for another week ( till 10/5/13 ) and then we start developing the selected Legends. Any designs submitted afterwards will be considered for the next patch.

Legend Name: Arthur’s Revenge

Item Type: Head
Talent on item: Frenzy
Blood Knight
All Talents
Attack Speed
Spell Resist

Teleportation Orb
Mirror Reflection (Every use there is high chance on spawn Spirit within explosion*)
Movement Speed
Reflect Damage
Random Affix

*Example: If Wizard is using normal teleportation he leaves the Spirit behind

Cool to see the orbs getting some love!

Is there a possibility to make a Weapon with another Ulti? Example Wand with Meteor?

Definitely possible, but we’re planning on saving skill changing stuff like that for the next tier past Legend. These items would change the skill(s) on the item, or alter them in a significant way. We’re still polishing and balancing the current skills we have, so items like that haven’t made yet, but will get to it at some point. Would love to hear any combinations you guys would like to see as well!

Name: Aethan’s Hammer
Item: Hammer
Element: Poison

-Weapon dmg + (W)
-Health Regen
-Gold Find

That is my hammer hope you like it :smile:

Item Type: Hammer
Item Element: Arcane
Talent on item, if applicable
Epic Affix 1 Weapon Damage
Epic Affix 2 Health
Epic Affix 3 Crit Damage
Epic Affix 4 Increased AoE
Epic Affix 5 Armor
Epic Affix 6 Extra Bolt (or Random Affix)

Basically just a bloody great hammer :smile:. Make it Gold and Glowing if you can.

Ok, we’ve chosen 3 Legends that we’re using for this next patch.

[ul][li]Aegis Armor - Great Offensive Warrior Chest, replacing Blood Knight with +Damage to Flurry ( Sword’s main ability )[/li]
[li]b Revenge[/b] - A good alternative to Skull of Ignis, just changed Talent on item to Fustigate[/li]
[li]Orb of Illusion - Love the Mirror Reflection ability, thinking about changing this to a Mirror Image ability instead, that leaves a temporary copy of your wizard behind[/li][/ul]

Notes on other submitted weapons:

[ul][li]Aethan’s Hammer - Great Theme and this still may make it, but would like to save this for our Poison set that may come this next patch or the one after, and will possibly rename to Plaguebringer. [/li]
[li]Eyarowen’s Blade - A bit too powerful for now, would like to fit items into a theme/playstyle for these Legends. [/li]
[li]Ifrit’s blade - Very close to Obsidian Blade[/li]
[li]Wizard Prang’s Golden Hammer - If has to be Golden and Glowing, we have to wait till we can get some Legend skins from our Artist :smile: Also we need a name for it. [/li]
[li]Simba’s Scimitar - Needs some stats :smile: Apparently swords are a popular item![/li][/ul]

We’re still keeping an eye on this thread and if you guys have feedback or want to edit what you’ve submitted please do!

Wow, it’s really great to hear that my Aegis Armor got chosen :smile:. But can you make it + Damage to both sword and axe? Because I’d prefer using axe :smiley:

Murzol’s Staff :

Item type : Staff
Item element : Ice dmg

Epic Affix 1 : Weapon Damage %
Epic Affix 2 : HP Leech
Epic Affix 3 : HP
Epic Affix 4 : Crit chance
Epic Affix 5 : Dodge
Epic Affix 6 : Magic Find

Name: Reapers Touch
Item Type : Gauntlet
Item Element : Ice dmg

Epic Affix 1 : All Arch Mage
Epic Affix 2 : Weapon Damage %
Epic Affix 3 : Attack Speed
Epic Affix 4 : Crit Chance
Epic Affix 5 : Glasscannon
Epic Affix 6 : Mana Leech