New, looking for rogue help

Hi, im new, at floor 110+, and ive read forums a bit and im totally lost. If some one could explain at least one of the following it would be very useful:
Im a rogue, and i really like the bow. Guided shot with one of my items having 2% mp leech can kill hordes of monsters with ease. If someone could tell me what offhand accompanies such a quick killing build, thatd be great. I use a vial at the moment.

One of my items has all the adds related to mirror, and it seems quite useful. Should i bother getting a mirror offhand or is this item good enough

There seems to be some type of skills that can be made somehow using mythstones combinations. Can someone explain this and point me to a link of the combinations?

I currently do maps on legend mode in the cartogrophers dungeons. I have a pet imp, and i only pick up legends. Should i change any lf that?

I have a mage as a hire, and i gave him a grimoire for summoning, and his main hand is focused on increasing my luck, item drop rate, and gold drop. He has a dog pet. Anything i should change? Neither lf us rarely die. I only die when i start a tnt map on the tnts (rather comical to see that you died the moment the map opens :smiley:)

Ive seen the pictures of the items that have a skill to increase legendary item drop rate by 100%. How do you get those? Do you use crystals or do i have to wait untill i happen to pick up an item that has that skill?

There are crystals for changing talents, affixs, and so on. Im bery confused ablut what name applies to what part of the item. Clarifying this would be useful.

I currently buy any legendary item from shop if i think it may be useful. Should i be using gold on something else? Or is what i use it for at the moment fine?

If there are any thorough guides other then the noob guide, that would be useful :smile: thanks

I’ll try to cover as much content as possible :laughing:

Mirror is a good choice for positioning and has a long range but is restricted to Rare- targets — meaning you can only swap enemies with yellow, blue and colorless aura. However, its special skill Mirrorimage currently does not work optimally on primary attacks. The clones will only attack with one arrow no matter how many multi attacks and extra attacks you have, so I recommend ambering it to something useful like Stealth or Shatter as soon as possible.

Bombs are good too. Vault is also a good choice for positioning and is usable anytime but has a shorter range than swap. Its special skill, bomb, is somewhat useful for debuffing enemies with increased damage and blind.

Would you please elaborate on this?

Yes, there are both mythic skills and mythics. Mythic skills are like “proc per second” affixes, and the short summary of it without going to specifics is that bows work good with those. It’s as easy as adding four required mythstones in any order to a 4+ socketed item (I recommend you keep these when you find some)

The recipe pieces are unlockable by using mythstones on many, many items but if you find that as an incredible waste of resources, the recipes are here:

As long as the difficulty feels just right and takes just about 3-6 minutes to complete then it’s ideal.

I recommend picking up rare+ so you can find and keep multi-socketed items, as per above. They sell for a pittance of gold too, but that accumulates over time to a large amount.

Would you please elaborate on this too? The link, specifically.

I’ll try my best but just point out what I missed:

SKILLS — Weapon skills.
AFFIXES — You know, those regular bonuses on gear.
TALENTS — Those bonuses on armor and accessories gear with a number beside it, e.g. Fletcher 20
NATURES — Written beside the item name on closer inspection; e.g. Vacuus Scipio “of the Elements”. Minor bonuses. Refer to the dictionary.

No, this is a good habit for starters. Collect as much variety of legends as soon as possible to open up good combos faster. Later on when you get enough gold farming rate you may also want to buy those crystals worth 5.5 million gold.

Also, those merchandise from the gamble vendor follows the icon of the actual item. It won’t hurt to glance at the LegendEx for hints on what item the merchandise will be.

The Theorycraft still has some valid points. Go read that too. Can be found on [Guides]

Everything else is pretty much discovery and experimentation. For someone as eager as you I’m sure you’ll get pretty far soon enough :smiley:

Whew, I’m done. Just reply if you need anything else

the coatweapon offhand is great

Wow ocenyx, thx soo much. I was talkingg about nidroji with the legendary item drop + 100.
And the item i was talking about was jesters cap of luck. Uploaded a picture

You’re welcome!

If you look at the legendex there are some items with Location Unknown, which means they are ultra rare. Acquisition rate of those items are supposedly increased by Nadroji.

And as for your item, it has a “proc per second” affix. Procs work regardless of whether you have the proper weapons or not, so you can pretty much be flexible on this regard.