New move sets


New attack moves for weapons. Just add 3 or 4 move set for weapons. Why am I suggesting this? Does anybody find it a little lame for hammer weapons to just slam the ground endlessly or for ax weapons to just spin around or for wand weapons to just fire little comets? Well, for me, to make the game much more fun, why not add move sets for the weapons. It’d be better. :smiley:

What do you think guys? :smile:

yeah, I agree with u. at least make critical moves different from normal attacks. e.g. instead of sword slashing horizontally, the critical attacks slash vertically with a powerful jump off the ground or something like that. just saying tho.

Would be weird with twisters and others procs (storms, etc), each crit proc your character does a jump :confused:

No no. The character doesn’t always have to jump for every critical strike. But that will work for warrior class because its melee.

For example, warrior, instead of just swinging, smashing, thrusting, and spinning their weapons around, why not add 2 or 3 more attack patterns for basic attacks/moves? It would make the gameplay better.

I don’t want to compare it to another game, but if u play warcraft (dota), there will be slight differences in attack animation, idk, maybe just an ‘aaarrgh’-charged attack sound fx, or anything, regardless the proc.
it focuses on attack animation of a class heroes.
just saying.

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Totally! We also think those nuances really make a difference when playing. When we started this game we really tried to keep things simple and as expressive as possible. Now that we know what our system limits are we can do a bit more in this area. The rogue should be a great example of this!

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^any information when the new class will be released? like how many weeks left, approx.? thanks in advance :smiley: