New patch has a few bugs

I like the new patch. It’s a whole lot more intense a game for new players. Seems to be more loot involved too! I just started a new character and got my first legend item at floor 5. Azures Helm. It has the spell sword affix, so I started using it with lightning element. Like Wow! I didn’t know it could travel through multiple targets, and ricochet off walls. Is that something new? It also targets just like pistols, and leaps in the direction like an aimed shot… …awesome.

The bug I noticed is when I went to buy a legendary weapon. The phantasmal chakram from the codex. I bought it at like heroic skill 11 and every time I go to upgrade it using the peridot. It keeps telling me, max lvl already reached. I’m hero lvl 22 and it won’t budge above lvl 15.

I know you did some editing to that portion of the script cause it used to be you could get double your hero level on an item which you can’t do anymore using Peridot. But you can still get double your hero level most of the time when you buy from the codex. Something got screwed up or left out in the coding process. I should be able to get my new legendary item up to at least my own hero level. And I don’t think I should be able to buy some legendary items twice my hero level, While other items I can’t, and not sure why.

Otherwise I like the more intense play for a starting character. Easy is no longer childs play. Lol

The max lv of gear is cap by ur character lv and max floor reached. If ur lv is 22 and got to floor 15, ur gear lv is max 15. If ur lv is 22 and got to floor 50 or much, ur gear lv is max 44.


There is something to what you say.

I later rebought the same Item after floor 30 and it worked just fine. Well sort of. I’m still getting discrepancy with raising the level of an item using peridot, and when buying from either the codex or the vendor. A definate bug, that needs looking further into imho.

But hey, I’m not complaining, I like the new improved startup. More monsters, and more loot for beginning characters. I got nothing to complain about. Cheers…

I got my first legendary at floor 5 and my first eternal I think at floor 10. Just strating out with a new character.

Now if I could just get enough Rubies. Lol

If only I could downgrade items to the floor level such as level 20 or so lol. It was a bug but it used to exist.

I mean it’s easy to live without but wow.