New patch preview?

So I was wondering what you guys are working on and if maybe you had a little preview of whats in store for the next patch:)

The very next patch (we hope out this week) has a TON of new legendaries added as well as a legendary tracker (of sorts) and some much needed bug fixes.

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Is it going to update my legendaries found? Right now my higher is reaping all the benefits:(

Dunno the specifics for the leaderboard updating…that would be a steiger thing. If there is a bug and he has it, I am sure he squished it good.

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The Tracker will be account wide and will be updated with all the legends you currently have in your bags. In testing right now, we have 136 unique items to collect :smile:

That sounds great can’t wait for the patch.

Are all leaderboards going to be account wide? I would rather not have to play with a hireling if I dont have too just to keep up with the leaderboards.

There’s no plan on making all Leaderboards account wide at the moment.