New player. Bow or wizard orb

Hi guys. Im new to this game but already loving its complexity and craftimg system. Its really refreshing.

I dont know if i ever get there but i always aim at the top so i dont want to play a build only to find out its bad later on.

So just for the sake of it, how high can ice bow get and how high can ice orb get?(i played around building my self and those two are my favorite)

I found ice orb builds on forums but cant find any for ice arrow recently (only from 1+year ago). Is it bad or simply the old guides still hold true?can someone help me figure out bis for bow or just link me a guide that is ok for this patch?

Thanks in advance for helping!

Bow got nerfed by range and now require extra affixes to be able to hit targets more often.
If you wanna play from distance then pistol with extra attack/multi attack (one of the two, ive forgotten…)
If your using orb look at cuzeg’s build or cronos’ medusas gaze (either way you NEED reactor)

Personally i recormend you give warrior a chance; get a lance, give it some damage, jasper the special you multi attack from rogue bow, apply discordance, increase AoE radius, epiphany and 75% cooldown reduction… Its a fun style and does a lot of damage (poison or fire would be ideal for this build)

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@TeaCup Tem alguma construção ?