New player here, asking several question

Hi, I started the game few week ago, this game is totally awesome, and the best ARPG on phone i had played. Using wiki i learn a lot about the game, but some of the information seems outdated. I just discover this forum recently, I hope some of my question about the game could be answered here:

  1. Does mp absorb work with mana shield and bloodmagic? Sounds quite OP if they work.
  2. I saw some player roll block affix but i never seen it during crafting, is it only appear on drop or having other restriction?
  3. How long does CoatWeapon? It last for 1 hit or every hit during duration? Is the double crit rate and ele. crit go over the cap?
  4. Does other class skill level (eg. +10 orb) or talent (eg. +10 ambush) work when I use other class?
  5. Does stealth double dodge go over cap? How long stealth last?

Right now I am using a self made shattershot build in floor 700, still slowing climbing floor. The build possibility seems endless in this game, I have so many idea I wanna try if i get enough mythstone and crystal, and I haven’t tried pvp yet, make me wonder why this game isn’t popular.

Thanks in advance for anybody willing answer my question!

MP Absorb: does not work with Blood Magic or Manashield. it used to work with Blood Magic in the early days of DQ. MP Absorb only works when your Character gets hit. because BM already converted your MP to HP, any MP from MPA isn’t added to the HP Pool for BM. Manashield is protecting your Character from attacks, so until your Shield goes down, no MPA.

Block: can only be rolled on your OH Weapon with Angelite (chance for Normal or Epic Block), Topaz (choose one of 6 Epic affixes), Sapphire (randomly change from one Normal or Epic affix to another), Obsidian (choice of Crystal affix), or Laramar (randomly change all Normal & Epic affixes on an item to another Normal or Epic affix). Block can be found on a few other Warrior items except for Neck items. can not be rolled on Pets.

Coat Weapon: I always felt it either only lasted for one hit/cast spell or a few hits when I used it. the Rogue Talent Veil extends the duration of Coat Weapon while Stealth Skill is active. you can go over cap when Coat Weapon is active, if you put on some extra Crit Chance & Elemental Crit.

Increasing the Rank of another Classes Skills or Talents: Skills :white_check_mark:. Talents :x:. Skills Ranks of other Classes can be increased by using +All Skills affixes or Myth Stones. this can get you up to +10, maybe +12. +10 Epic Skill affixes of other Classes Skills can be put on Pets. Eternal Pets would double affix values. so normally you could get up to +20 in another Classes Skill, +30 if the Pet is Eternal. there are some exceptions. the Wizard Cerebral Vortex items have +10 Torrent on each item, even though Torrent is a Warrior Skill. the only item another Classes Talents can be placed on are Pets. but Talents for one Class will not work for other Classes.

Stealth: it has a long Cool Down and short duration. the doubled Dodge can go over Cap, so this works well with Pathfinder Set. there are Perma Stealth Builds. you need Stealth 40, Epiphany Set (5), and +75% Cool Down. obviously, this can only work for Rogues. it doesn’t mean you will never die with this Build, but with practice, you could go through a few Maps before dying once.

Popularity: it has been a few years since the last big update, but there is one on the way soon. also, you know how some players are, they master a game and then move on to another. players who like coming up with ideas to Craft the endless possibilities are the ones still playing DQ! other players are into the PVP part of the game, and others are challenged by how far they can Climb Floors.

@blu35ky welcome to Dungeon Quest Forums!


Thanks for the answer! There is a update coming soon? That is a great news!

Is there a community/official discord? Is forums the only way for player communicate with each other?

At higher floor the monster damage seems very high, even with resist/armor/damage reduction stacking I can only get so far, so using 100% dodge with stealth is the way to survive at higher floor?

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there was a Discord group, but I don’t know how active they are currently. I think there are other groups, like for players in different countries who love DQ but have problems with the DQ Forums being English.

Surviving Higher Floors: Rule #1: Monsters do more DMG the higher the Floor you go. Rule #2: Damage Reduction less than 100% means you will eventually get killed by one hit when you reach a high enough Floor. Rule #3: Armor & Resist are affected by Monster Level. Monster Level is half of the Floor you are on. the higher the Floor you are on, the less effective Armor & Resist become. Damage Reduction, Armor, and Resist are good for lower floors and/or lower difficulty levels. Rule #4: everything else. killing monsters fast means they can’t kill you. good mobility means you are never where they are targeting. Block & Dodge avoids attacks so that you take no DMG. Sanctuary lets you survive a deadly attack with a 30 second cool down. CC, or Crowd Control, helps you to survive by Freezing, Blinding, Slowing, Knockback, Stunning the enemy.

Warriors can make a 100% Block Build, but the Block isn’t constant, so there is still a small chance to die.

Rogues can make a 100% Dodge Build, but if the Players timing is off when activating Stealth, they still have a small chance to die.

Wizards have to use a combination of mobility, CC, killing monsters fast, and Dodge, Block, and/or Sanctuary.