New player here! I have some question(s)

  1. I am experiencing pets decreasing their stats after exiting a game session or after unequiping (change pet). Why is this happening?

  2. What is highest ilvl limit equippable for a character of a certain lvl? For example, if my toon is lvl 40, what is the highest item (ilvl) that this toon can equip?

This is it for now. Mighty kudos to the devs for a exemplary mobile phone game.

  1. Might be a bug. Anyhow Try to save ur game sessions to the cloud to save ur character progress

  2. Get urself to highest levels and along the way u collect peridots to increase the desired item ilevel hope it helps…reaching to level 50 should allow u to equip all the items in the game but to unlock the item potential further applying peridots on items is very recommended

  1. Never encountered such thing. @gimulet must be right. Go email support.
  2. You can only equip items half of your level. For example; Level 40 = you can equip atleast level 80 equipments.