New player here

I would like to ask for help in which character should I create that can easily farm and can grind to higher floors.


All are greate to use it just depends on your game play and build . Welcome new DQ player hope you enjoy playing. :grin::grin:

when my friend introduced me to Dungeon Quest, I ended up liking Rogue the most. love those Chakrams! when I got my own DQ, I found out that Chakrams were hard to use, and not really liking the Skills Warrior has, I ended up playing Elemetalist Wizard with Staff. I really love using Comets, and ended up putting Storm, then Twister, on the Staff. (DQ is so fun, I broke my promise to not spend money on app games)

the past few months, I am getting closer to finishing Ascending my Rogue & Warrior Team. I also did some tests with Chakram, and now understand why I thought they were hard to use. I plan on making a very powerful Boomerang Build soon. I have also discovered that there are a few Skills I like using on my Warrior, and I plan on making a very powerful Smash & Taunt & Torrent Build right after the Boomerang Build.

in the end, test each Character to see which one you like using the best, and use that for Farming, Climbing Floors, Ascending (if you want the Perks for better Farming), and Battle Arena. if you can’t make up your mind, and have $0.99, you can by an extra Character slot, or 2 slots for $1.98 if you want all 3 Characters.

@praybit & @Purge , welcome to the DQ Forums!

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I go for wiz

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