New player looking for long-term advice regarding top tier gear

I stop playing before when dq was just starting because of lack of interest, guide mechanics and community. Started playing at 3.0, when game is more easy amd enjoyable :slight_smile:

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I know what you mean. I was definitely lucky that I arrived when battle arena just started being a thing. Well I played before that but I just was newbie that time.

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I’m sorry for being so dense, but I still have a bit of confusion left in me.

I noticed that eternal items are coloured green, but only have one green affix on them. I’ve also seen legendary items with green affixes on them. I can’t seem to see the difference between the two other than colour. (Oh, wait, is it just that eternal items have +50% quality?)

Regarding nature, I can see what it is in the name, but I won’t see it on the item stats? I can only find it in codex/my character stats page?

And lastly, I got an eternal chest from PvP. If I wait until I’m lv99 to open it am I more likely to get a lv99 eternal item, or is the chest already locked to give me a low level item since I’m only lv50 when I received it?