New player looking for long-term advice regarding top tier gear

As stated in the title, I’ve just started on the game today. I can honestly say that I’m instantly hooked - from the cutesy low-res art style to the smooth controls. I also appreciate the fact that there is no true “end” to the game - allowing for what might as well be infinite progression as long as you put in the time and effort.

However, I have an OCD when it comes to RPG/grinding games like DQ, which aren’t the most newbie friendly. I’m used to the simpler MMO games where item progression is just green-blue-purple-orange-red or some variation of that, so naturally I’d be pretty confused looking at the wikis of this game.

Mythics, sockets, affixes (also a ton of different types), quality, colour of weapon (apparently, names matter too), crystals, talents, like… Whaaaa!?

So I’m hoping someone could shoot me a link to a noob-friendly guide (which I haven’t found so far - most guides were geared towards experienced players and I couldn’t understand half of the content), or if you have the time, provide a step-by-step summary of how top-tier items work, and now to get them.

Thanks a lot to advance!


Just wait for @CuzegSpiked boi. Surely he will respond. :smiley:


I used to be same position as you too but this is why I strived to be the best, to explain things simpler and understand many things myself.

Btw did you get to try the game?

Quality of weapon - this determines item roll chance. Higher item quality means higher chances to get perfect affixes so if you wanted 50% Glasscannon but you didn’t get that affix initially at 50%, you can have a higher chance rerolling it with Diamond Crystal until it shows as a perfect 50% .

The same applies with a crystal affix such as crit DMG to 225% . It may be that the crystal won’t give you the exact maximum value and instead give you 180% crit DMG instead of 225% so rerolling it helps and higher item quality gives better chances for maxed out rerolls at level 100 or any level your gear is.

Another reason you’d want 25% item quality is so you also have higher chance on getting perfect affix rolls first time without having the headache of rerolling to perfection . You have a high chance to get perfect 225% crit on a 25% quality item as opposed to 0% quality or negative item quality. I know this from experience.

Maximum Item Quality is 25%.

Talents - you unlock these at early level 20 and they can be ok to understand but there are so many of them and it does take time to get used to them. At level 100, you can get maximum talent at 20 , but the extra 20 you can get from affixes on gear to 40.
Talents are great for any build to provide my additional buffs you can’t find elsewhere or to add to your build as if it’s an extra slot .

The maximum amount of talents you can put on gear usually is 4. One on chestplate , one on hat , one on amulet and one on the ring. The talents are based on those gears also.

Affixes- basically anything you add to a gear/legend or crafted gear. They are basically stats as other games call it but it’s a fancy way of saying stats . Also because there is a stats page so affixes is a clear distinction from stats to prevent confusion as I seem to find it.

They can usually be found naturally through items from normal rarity to legend rarity. Legend items are a good item to look out for in the beginning of the game to experiment with many affixes as you will start off with bare minimum and work your way up from no affixes to some affixes when levelling up.

There are Eternal legends but those items are basically green legends with doubled affixes - however they are too powerful so you cannot manually make changes to them unlike other rarity of gear , apart from changing the talent, the nature and importantly, the actual class. You can’t level them up either but a level 100 eternal can be powerful depending on what you think is good.
They have a same name as an actual legend though , but it says Eternal on the name.

There are also crystal legends which can naturally occur with a crystal affix . Basically legends with a chance of crystal affix but they have same name as normal legends.
Crystal Legends and Eternal Legends both are quite rare on their own to find so there are affixes in game to find them easier, and they have good value for converting into Ultra Rare Crystals or equipping. The rare chance to find them applies to the vendor shop as well as loot from monsters.

You can also find pets from any rarity. Legend pets are special because of set affixes and 5 epic affixes that you can use but they aren’t easy to come by without farming . Other pets do help in early game in rarity. Eternal pets do exist also but they cannot be edited by crystals , but they have double affixes.
By double affixes, I mean for eg , 75% crit DMG to 150% crit DMG aka 75%×2= 150%. This is thanks to the 50% item quality on the eternal items that naturally comes.

As well as different rarity of gear , there are also different rarity of affixes, higher is usually better.

Normal Affixes , Epic Affixes, Legend Affixes, Set affixes , Crystal Affixes and also Mythics.

Normal affixes are well, normal and found anywhere. Can also be added by Angelite crystal . Used at early level but not much use after playing more of the game.

Epic affixes - they can be found typically on legends as legends will not feature normal affixes , and other items of non legends and including pet. Not as easy to add but you can add Epic Affixes using Angelite crystal and by Topaz crystal. Topaz crystal is more expensive.

Legend affixes - These affixes are only found on legends but can be added on any item (except pets and eternal legends) . Can be added using the ultra rare tier crystal called Ruby. They have a lot of power behind end game builds than epic affixes but epic affixes are still used in end game to help.

Set affixes - arguably the most important for a build. They appear on legend items and legend pets but can be added using the ultra rare tier Amethyst crystal. They have a lot of power behind them and you can best utilize them when you have multiple of the same set. This can be done having 2 legends with the same set affix or more , or by using +2 all sets or more.
This affix appears Green.

Crystal Affixes - just as important and the most powerful affix after a set affix. It is usually ×3 the value of epic affixes or so. The catch is that you can only have 1 per gear and pets won’t have it. They can be found by natural legend drops or by adding using the Ultra Rare Obsidian crystal. Obsidian really is quite rare and expensive to find so it’s something to use wisely when found.
Why? Crystal affixes cannot be removed once added . I mean you can use the quartz crystal but that has a random chance to erase all affixes.
This affix appears Cyan, a mix of blue and green together.

Not all affixes can be added as some are only found on certain legends but most affixes are able to be added.

Mythic affixes - They are purple tier items but not found in floors. You have to manually make them yourself.

Mythics can be made using 4 empty sockets which you can add by a Zircon crystal which is considered ultra rare in game standards , but some legends or loot tend to already have an empty socket for you to save the crystals spent. There’s even a legend that has 4 empty sockets so it’s basically a free mythic.

You need to fill those empty sockets with specific named mythstones in a specific order to get a Mythic that you want. Be careful as one the mythic is added, you cannot remove them via Kyanite crystal like you can with other affixes so it’s like crystal affixes in that behaviour of not being removed, unless you want to kill your gear. Although if you didn’t fill all 4 slots and you thought you messed up, you can remove a mythstone from a socket.

Actually Mythics are extremely powerful affixes that many builds tend to revolve around and a useful buff to builds in general. You can have mythic skills from a weapon mythic that randomly happens (procs) , a buff to DMG or skills or affixes via chestplate/head/ring/amulet , and a resource mythic.

Resource mythics can be added on any gear unlike most mythics that are gear restricted and they change the resource system. That means it changes the typical HP/MP system to whatever it states. It also includes weapons when using the Discordance Mythic to swap values between primary and secondary skills.


Crystals: They drop from enemies and they are used to manually craft a gear . You can use them on pre-existing legends or gear or to start off scratch.

There are the common tier rarity crystals which includes changing an element , rerolling every affix , adding a normal/epic affix and even the quartz crystal to remove all affixes randomly. Randomly is not good on a very valuable gear piece of legend though.

However there is the Kyanite crystal which is useful for only removing a single affix instead of multiple and it is controllable .

There are also other light blue and dark blue crystals which can change map affixes , change an affix to something else such as Sapphire , reroll only a single affix instead of multiple using Fluroite but it can be only be used on normal and epic affixes as a catch instead of every affix . Although nobody uses normal affixes.

Then there’s the green crystals starting from Emerald. Emerald is the one that can change item quality of a weapon and Peridot can level items up to level 100 or whatever level you are and floor reached. There is also the crystal that can change nature.

Nature is the description on top of an affix such as of greed. It is usually on the name of the item . Legends have their own name and then the “of …” Afterwards . Non legends have it just say “of …” . Mythics show it as the name of the mythic and then “of …” . They tend to add a significant amount of power into a build. It’s a bit like talents.

Nature’s can only be added on 6 gear pieces and not pet. You can only have 1 nature per gear and it can be on Mainhand weapon , offhand weapon, chestplate, head, ring and amulet .

There is also a crystal that can change talents so that you don’t need to swap a legend for it .

The we head into the ultra rare territory of crystals. The rare territory started from Emeralds up to the Yellowest of crystals.

Topaz is one kind of ultra rare tier crystal . It can add epic affixes and it shows 6 options . It’s actually not that hard but it’s still considered ultra rare by game standards.

Amber can change special skill of a Mainhand or offhand weapon and it’s a very orange crystal . Topaz was orange but Amber is bright orange.

Jasper Crystal can change classes on an item , which can be useful for Eternals and in general to find a set affix usually available to one class but you can change back to your own class.

Zircon crystal is there and that adds empty sockets. Good if you want a mythic or just generally add a mythstone for a buff to the build. Better than trying to find an item with free sockets but free sockets are useful for mythstone buffs for free.

Then there’s Garnet to remove a mythstone from an empty socket as that’s the only way , Ruby to add legend affix and it shows 6 options , Amethyst to add Set affix with 6 options and Obsidian to add crystal affix with up to 6 options shown.

The crystals starting from Topaz are that much harder to find naturally so you find them more from converting high rarity legends , vendor shop, higher floors to increase chances of higher tier crystal drops and even legend maps.

There are also mythstones which can add various buffs and used on empty sockets , including ultra rares and rares in mythstone rarity. They have the same value as an equivalent epic of legend affix or sometimes more and a good way to add an affix without having to reroll an epic affix for it in some situations. The Elixir Mythstone being the rarest mythstone but it’s the most valuable for +2 All sets so your sets can appear from (1) to (3) into one slot.

Set affixes that show(1) to (3) in one slot is as good as 3 legends with the same set affix so +2 All sets improves efficiency. The highest the value on a sets the more powerful it gets.


Where names matter. Well there’s certain legends that have valuable affixes that cannot be found by a crystal and sometimes only reproduceable by a mythstone with a recognisable name. One example is Nadroji’s legends and they have specific names for ring, amulet, chest, head.

Also the nature’s when you add “of …” or when they are found naturally saying “of greed” , “of luck”, “of protection”, etc. Each name from the nature represents an affix it can add. Luck being the obvious one. It doesn’t show how much it adds until you read codex or see the visible change from the total affixes in stats page and adventure page.

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Here’s a newbie friendly guide that could help. It’s aimed to try and make it simpler . A bit long but try to digest it. My explanation was also a bit long even though I tried to make you understand it. It’s also relatively up to date.

This guide is a summarised version of what I explained , plus some more information that is useful. I did spend a lot of time explaining.

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Nice tips. Detailed and well explained.


Holy MOLY that was detailed!

I’ll take a while to read through this.

Thanks so much for the effort you put in!


Pleasant thread. Good job @CuzegSpiked

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I was thinking about creating the CCC - Cuzeg’s Complied Codex . Lmao :smile: . Also Midlumer would be way better at a book than me. Look at his posts. He actually includes the contents. I don’t.

Hahaha well ull never know unless you try. But itll take a very long time and probably not all players would read it because it might bore them. Kind of like reading the terms and conditions xD. I would read that book fpr sure! Hahahah

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Nice explaining!

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I hope someone update the codex…That Resource cost(Item Nature) burns my beryl crystals because it says -10% R.cost but when I apply it to my item it was 5% when I looked in my stats…

I thought it was 2.5% per nature.

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Oh yeah 2.5% …sorry my bad…but still codex tells it was 10%

Man you guys have it so easy now. When i first started there was barely any guides or info and we had to figure it all out for ourselves.