New Player - Need a Bit of Guidance

Hello, new player here. What should I be doing in the beginning stages of the game? Get to floor 200, then grind to level 99 and ascend? Then ascend until all perks are unlocked? Then start the real grind to 99, crystals, mythstones, gear, etc…?

Right now I am playing a rogue with a rogue hireling, both leveling at the same time. I am thinking of switching to a wizard main and rogue hireling. Is this a good combo? Is the wizard class good for casual farming, then later for PvP?

What should I be looking out for as I level? Don’t have my head around all of the affixes, crystals, mythstones, sets, crafting, pets. Right now I’m just mindlessly going through the floors.

Any help, tips and strategies are greatly appreciated!

Start off in the guide section of the forums and look for something that strikes your attention for play style. Rogue/Rogue is pointless. Wizard was my first character and the easiest to lvl and farm gear with in my opinion.

1st step get to floor 101.
2nd is get to lvl 99 and keep an eye out for legend items and all mythstones/gems and pick them up.
3rd I would read all you can about builds and concepts on the foumns. I made it 3 months without having to post 1 question.

Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the game.


Theres a guide here for newbies in forum try to find it. :blush:


Thanks for all of the help so far. A few quick questions I had trouble finding easily:

  1. Best spots to put hero points for a mage and rogue?

  2. Xp gain with hireling: less than solo?

  3. How do you remove and equipped item or pet without swapping out?

  4. can you remove mythstones once socketed?

  5. What difficulty level should I play on while leveling?

  6. What is the + to set numbers mean?

  7. Challenge maps and rerolling affixes? What’s that all about?

  8. I see a second slot for a pet, but unable to place. Do I need to be higher level?

Thanks again!

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  1. For main hero put it on strength and luck, for hireling put it on what skills you are using.
    Ex. A bow, you can put hero points in guide shots.
    Sometimes it depends on where you place it but in early farming put ur hero points in strength for additional hp

2.they each have their own exp. Gain. They wont be the same.
3. You cant

  1. Yes of course using garnet crystal

  2. It depends on where u are most comfortable with, if you can clear mythic 3 easily then better.

  3. That is for these green affixes to increase the rank of all sets that are currently in your character

If you have +2 set number and two vamparic touch you can have a rank of 4 like this, if u hav 1 vamparic touch and +4 set numbers yull be able to have a rank of 5 in ur vamparic touch. The cap is about 8 or 7.
Note that +2 set number affixes can only be placed in your ring and amulet.
U can also put a socket then the mythstone elixir in your ring and amulet.
It wont be obtainable via ruby, just in certain items like nadroji or haunting amulet.

  1. Challenge maps are when you are done finishing floors up to 200. When you are done go to the highest floor then buy a map from there, find the cartographer then defeat it to continue to the next map. Each map u obtain from the cartographer will be 1 level higher than the map u just cleared.

  2. That is for the trophy which you obtain in the arena while playing( via reward chests). It can only be used in the arena.

The numbers seem to be disoriented in there but ull get the point in the description.

Thanks for the details deathGG. Quick question about strength: you mentioned it increases power, but I only see increases to total HP, Armor, and HP regen. I would have thought that a wizard could benefit from intelligence and whatever skills I would use most.

So when do most people start playing past lvl 99 and stop the ascensions? Do a lot of you pros do all ascensions and then continue the farm/grind? I read that the XP doubles each time you ascend.

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Shoot sorry i was wrong it wont increase power… Lmao! :joy::joy:

As i said its up to you on what u are comfortable with…

On ascensions all you really need is dealer, treasured and fortunate . These are what i think is important. Its up to you really but i choose to ascend while climbing up to the highest floors i can.

And yes it doubles so u wont be having a harder time to ascend to ur next ascension .

Ascend if possible. Enshrined and hunter = ez hero points

I dont think that that is advisable for beginners since they are still having a hard time killing epic + enemies.

Although enshrined perk isnt that bad too. For beginners they really need fast leveling up, gold, crystals and mythstones for higher lvl crafting.

Yeah, ik. What i mean is, ascend if possible… following the recommended ascension path

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I usually max out a character, so I’ll probably feel unfinished unless I do all ascensions. How long does it typically take? I am a casual player due to work/family time constraints.

It took me 2 months to reach full ascension. Play time varied from 2 hours to 5 hours

1 month ia enough to be at full ascension if you are hard core haaha, i havent even fully ascended yet but 1 of my characters is almost done (last ascension remaining ) XD

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For my first character or so, took me 1 and a half months or ascension. Then my rogue ascension just took a month for eternal 99. Experience with the game and time helps, especially fast exp builds.
What made my rogue level so fast was because of my discordance orb rogue idea which was using Griffin’s BlightedSwamp build but swapped element to frozen as well as Epiphany to get 250% EXP gain and so whilst vaulting super fast and packsize of very high. Also my 3rd ascension I used a faster phone which made a major difference.
I wonder what would happen if 250% EXP gain on gear + Nadroji Bonus. Previously that would be crazy but thanks to crushing flames, it’s easier to achieve and still defeat them fast. Even with old arcanist it could be done.

Nadroji Bonus increase enemy rarity all the time ? Is it mean the map is full of magic and rare mobs ? All the big one become Legend ?

I think it means that it adds 100% more magic enemies and rare enemies so maybe it means if you have 100% magic enemies in maps, that’s 200% with nadroji bonus. So 400% rare enemies can become 500%.

Well actually if you get 200% magic enemies in maps, it could be 300% with nadroji bonus and from 500% rare enemies to 600%. The group sizes of those higher rarity enemies will be higher I’m sure.
One thing for sure, it’s a nice way to save Larimars and get so much good stuff. I was incredibly lucky to get so many eternals in floor 200 .

For epic enemies, probably adds 1% to the epic enemies as epic enemies also come in a small group at the end of a map.

Summary: I can say with confidence that 100% Enemy Rarity increases the group size of Magic and Rare enemies by 100% since I’ve used it for a while. That means a magic enemy group is ×2 bigger than before and the same with rare enemies without the maps. With maps , 3× to 4× group size of Magic or rare enemies.
I’m not too sure for epic enemies but it increases it by 100% so from 1% on map to 2% but that only affects enemies near cartographer.

You will still get normal enemies so that means 100% enemy rarity doesn’t increase the rank rarity of enemies by +1, otherwise we would be getting too many legend enemies from shrine. Bigger group size is still amazing though as magic+ enemies have a higher chance of dropping legends and crystals which in turn means higher chance for eternals or crystal legends . Also mythstones and most definitely more EXP.

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What is the recommended stat point distribution for a wizard?

Ok thanks, I just hoping too much :laughing: