New player question

Ok…I JUST hit level 99 and about to do first Ascension but I remember reading a week ago about some ring I should get after floor 200?

Can someone please tell me what ring and how to get it? I’ve been farming floor 200-210 (with HORRIBLE luck lol) and haven’t found a ring worth anything yet…

Just look here in forum to find some build sets with high lucks for farming… if your looking for ring I guess you have bad luck for not finding 1 :sweat_smile: try to look at Store or kill bosses.

Kill Cartographer in floor 200 or buy from store. Then use it and kill the Cartographer to drop level 201 Map…so on and so fort.
Then start your adventure of farming legends.

Tip : Get the Ascension who gives you more gold by selling Gears/Items. Pardon me I forgot the name of it. (as always I forgot).

Rings can get in floor 200 is Maelstrom but Procs Effects not luck. I guess someone told you the Nadroji Ring that have effect of dropping Eternal Legends/Ultra Legends

Lol I just created a new character. Warrior was kinda boring me so I started a wizard. Figured I should try all the characters before I commit to one since I haven’t bought any character slots.

Its better to buy 2 slots so you can have 3 characters in all so you can choose better gears and change it to another class. :grinning:

Yeah I’m thinking about doing that honestly. I dunno though. That’s a LOT of grinding

Sasing man ka.

Here’s a how-to guide to all things DQ.

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