New Player With General Questions

Hi, new player here. Wanted to ask a couple questions. First being, is there any point to keeping another class’ item? I.e. I’m playing as rogue and get a wizard item. Can I trade it across to my wizard or do I just sell it?
Second question. The quality of an item. I read somewhere that you should keep high quality items even if the rarity is low. So I’ve got a few items that say negative quality like -4. Does that mean I should try to replace it asap? And last question, do the vanity items give stat bonuses or are they just strictly for looks? Thank you for any answers I get = )

Yes because some item are only available at those class

You can move it to stash, stash can be use to every character you have

Well it depend on you quality and level will be good when 25%Quality and level100 item well result to a perfect roll affix when add a new affix to the item

no bonuses its only for grooming :smile:, only pet has stats bonuses like slime a random bonuses

The Quality of items can be increased with the Crystal “Emerald”, so there is no need to replace them (speaking only of the quality) unless you’ve got duplicates or whatever. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Helps a lot. Another question I’ve got is how do the maps work? I’ve got one that boosts the enemy’s stats. What benefit do I get from using it? And it has a specific map number on it. Like floor 3 or something of that sort.

maps can do 200 above the that it has a lots of map different depend on the affix that has on in.

I’m level 27 and I’ve got almost all epic or legend items. I’m to the point where anything that’s rare quality, I feel like isn’t as good as everything else. I already filtered it to where I only pick up rare+ items. Should I step it up again to only pick up epic+ or can some of those lower rarity items be useful? I’m following the beginner’s guide that is posted on the forum. Also, I’ve just been doing the maps for a while and they generate more maps, should I just continue doing these or is there any point in continuing the adventure?

You should pick up all items since you want the best set of specific affixes possible for your level even if they are only on magic items as for challenge maps you should keep doing them because they are better then normal floors hope that helps :smile:

I’m running into an issue where my inventory just gets stuffed with items at a rapid pace. I’m not sure what to do because I’m also having a tough time filtering what I should keep. I’m playing as a wizard following the post on this forum that says to go for survival stats. But there’s a lot of other considerations like the rarity and type of item I.e. an orb or shield. From the guide, I’m sticking with items that have survivability. Does this mean anything that doesn’t have this, I should just get rid of or how do I filter my items without spending half an hour doing so?

Try this:

If you are more concerned with the quality of the drops you pick up you can always set your characters item pick up threshold.

While you are in game, press the pause button, then options button.

On this screen you will see a button labeled Pick Up: Normal+

Tapping this button will cycle through item pick up types. So if you set it to Pick Up: Legend+ it will only pick up legendary items or better.

This option works well if you use an imp, anything below the threshold the imp will pick up and use to craft you a new item (after it picks up 5 items).

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