New Player


Hey guys, I’m new so i wanted to know if you guys can give me some tips since I am still a newbie.


Sure what class did you pick? ^.^

Rogues have a great ability where they cast a mirror of themself which also casts any projectiles with you
Wizards can protect themselves and deal damage with the skull shield attack
Warriors have wraith (a low damage aoe for prop clearing, good farming) they also have a skill called scalp which is also an aoe projectile (mix with living force set) that has 100% bleed chance and good damage

I also recormend choosing an element and keeping all gear the same element as what you cast
Shock is nice early for the stacks but as enemys have more HP it becomes less useful, fire increases bleed damage, good with crushing blow later on and burns the target with a dot, poison is a slower dot than fire but more damage, arcane weakens enemy defence, ice slows target and can freeze them so they cant attack

Sets are the green affixes, the mythstone right at the top increases these by two when applied to a ring or amulet, nadroji rings and amulets do a similar thing, also equiping more of the set increases their value… they will play a big part in the game, read the games dictionary for plenty of information too. Its not always acurate but currently its not too bad :sweat_smile:


play with each of the classes for a few levels so you learn what they are like.
pay attention to the items you pick up, and read the Codex to find answers to questions you haven’t asked yet.
reading the Forums will help you with lots of advice and ideas, and has even more answers to questions.
while checking out the different classes, try out the different weapons they have, many different playing styles.
I tried out the different difficulty levels, very easy is good for learning, you don’t have to worry about dying all the time. the higher difficulties give you better rewards for loot you find and experience, but the monsters get boosted too, to protect the loot and experience you want to get from them.
search the forums for other new players and player tips/advice. there is good advice out there from other new people asking for advice and tips for beginners.
welcome to Dungeon Quest.