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EDIT2: NEW questions - 31/08/2016

  1. is there a list of cooldowns for special skills?

  2. i need a better OH special skill, command is out of the question cuz i will have -100% hp from empower talent and -45.2%hp from glasscannon. i tried mirror image but it doesnt seem to deal the same dmg as my main, i was doing like 1.3m dmg on twister and the mirror only does 100k.

  3. i cant find where im getting a +10 dodge bonus
    i have 20% dodge with no dodge affixes, no dodge on pet, no dodge nature, no dodge talent, and only dexterity level 20

EDIT: NEW questions

is there a limit to the xp multiplier?
i noticed the floor difficulty and the xp multiplier are not additive, but multiplicative.
so what is the formula, where does the shrine bonus add? what are the other sources other than:

  1. your total xp bonus from gears
  2. map difficulty
  3. shrine bonus

also what is affix pool?

hi im about to hit lvl 99, it is my first time there. should i ascend immediately?

my gear kinda sux. im a mage with mirror shield build and 1k health, i still die fast even with easy difficulty. i dunno what i should aim for. i like twister cuz it collects enemies. it is the only skill i use in farming. i farm legend difficulty @ floor 181-200 atm. im using a 40k gauntlet, and twister kills them in 1 go. glasscannon and the empower talent really helps.

i have a fairy pet also which i dont use. cuz my hp is not used. however it is the only one with crits and dmg bonus. i die alot when i got stunned and so many enemies around. i guess that is normal.

i only have few mp and mostly dmg affixes. what should i change in my gear? should i run normal floors or challenge maps?

is the mirror shield build good? i still die fast if so many enemies, even with 33k mana. all my stat is mana.

@kevs926 ay if u got the 5m gold u should ascend already since the perks from ascending will greatly help you in ur farming gold and gears ( depends on what u choose) fortune(inc goldfind luck by 200% inc pick up radius)or delear perk(inc 1000% selling price of items earning gold with this perk is a pieceof cake)is good for 1st ascend… but the more u ascend the bigger xp needed to lvl up if u ascend 6x you will be able to get all the perks buff. be sure to read some guides first so u can have informations about the game since ur stil newbie… find skaul tips and tricks guide here in forum all info and some guides bout the game are all der.

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the xp needed increases? btw, why do i need gold? i already have the 5m, i unlocked all stashes and bags. im actually wasting them now at respawning in challenge maps

i read the guides but they have little info only.

also, where do i get queststones…i luckily got one. but thats it

ya lvl up gets harder as uascend more xp requirement will inc so u need to add quest mythstones in ur gears. for xp boost

about gold its important to save it now cuz
1st ascend -5m 2nd ascend -10m 3rd ascend- 15m.
u need gold in converting/salvaging mythstone(if u do the feat use myth 500times u will ne rewarded with a rare mythstone ex: quest fortune master time zenith elixir) but u need tons of gold to do this.

also the fastest way to earn ultra rare legend crystals (obsidian, amythes, ruby, garnet, zircon) is to convert legend items cost 245000 and the chance is very slim so u will most likely need to convert alot… converting eternal or crystal items will gaurantee u a rare legend grade+ crystal but cost 500k/pc

also if u do pvp u need to have gold too since u pay every time u play a game(3rounds)

buying legend items on shop. upon buying der is a slim chance of getting eternal/crytal version of that item so u can try ur luck der too but cost 300k+ i think on lvl 99

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@kevs926 u can get quest stones from mob drop(moslikely on higher floor) or u convert convert 2x flight stone it will result to 1 quest stone … its like dis
mythstone convert( uneed 2pc to convert it to higher lvl)
2hero = 1 mentor
2mentor = 1 protest
2protest = 1 boon
2boon = 1 gift
2gift = wisdow

-this is the sequence of mythstones u need 2pcs to convert to higher grade… on the other hand if u salvage the mythstone will be reduce by 1 grade

ex . salvage
1pc mentorb= 1pc hero
1pc quest = 1pc flight

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thank you

very helpful

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also best way to get rare grade mystone is to
to the feat 500x use mythstone… if u got tons of lowbgrade mythtones like hero mentor boon gift spam them convert/salvage(the lower the grade the lower the fee u need tonpay upon salvagong/converting) after the feat achieve u will be rewarded by a random rare myth

got a new question:

is there a limit to the xp multiplier?i noticed the floor difficulty and the xp multiplier are not additive, but multiplicative. so what is the formula, where does the shrine bonus add? what are the other sources other than:

your total xp bonus from gears
map difficulty
shrine bonus

also what is affix pool?

not sure bout the formula.
the cap for xp boost is 200%(250% with ephipany(ull learn how this works later on))
if u open an xp shrine it will directly be added
to ur xp boost.
ex. shrine buff give 100% xp boost
200+100 = 300% xp boost now
affix pool (list of affixes ) u can get from using certain crytals.
set affixes(amythes)
crystal affixes(obsidian)
legend affixes(ruby)
epic affixes(topaz)
(correct me if im wrong)

I’ve always read that the shrine buffs don’t go over cap

No EXP boosts go over the cap.

ok tnx for confirming but base on my xperience when i was lvling my low lvl char w/200% xp boost. when i click shrine xp w/ enshrined perk inc 300% the xp is pretty fast compare to the time i didnt click shrine xp

While at 200% and u click exp shrine with enshrined you have 500% exp. That is how it worked before. Maybe it’s different now.

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I made some tests. Here are my results:

Xp boost = map difficulty * (player xp + shrine)
Map difficulty=1 to 2.75
Player xp = 0 to 200
Shrine = 25, dunno if enshrined makes it 300 or 25*300%=75

Go to floor 101, kill the smallest slime. It gives 23k xp base.

No control?

I think the only cap on exp is 200 from items that’s shown on stat page. The rest is not capped and can stack.

Once again.

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Thank you Master Skaul! :stuck_out_tongue:

changing with amber. it seems like gauntlet has high base dmg among the 4. does it mean, the best one for special skill builds are gauntlet based MH?

also I plan to change my build replacing timewarp with command. since empower and glasscannon sets my hp to hundreds. will it affect the taunter hp? or will he remain 1-hitted. what is the hp conversion of the summon? does my dodge go to the taunter as well?