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not sure bout the formula.
the cap for xp boost is 200%(250% with ephipany(ull learn how this works later on))
if u open an xp shrine it will directly be added
to ur xp boost.
ex. shrine buff give 100% xp boost
200+100 = 300% xp boost now
affix pool (list of affixes ) u can get from using certain crytals.
set affixes(amythes)
crystal affixes(obsidian)
legend affixes(ruby)
epic affixes(topaz)
(correct me if im wrong)

I’ve always read that the shrine buffs don’t go over cap

No EXP boosts go over the cap.

ok tnx for confirming but base on my xperience when i was lvling my low lvl char w/200% xp boost. when i click shrine xp w/ enshrined perk inc 300% the xp is pretty fast compare to the time i didnt click shrine xp

While at 200% and u click exp shrine with enshrined you have 500% exp. That is how it worked before. Maybe it’s different now.

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I made some tests. Here are my results:

Xp boost = map difficulty * (player xp + shrine)
Map difficulty=1 to 2.75
Player xp = 0 to 200
Shrine = 25, dunno if enshrined makes it 300 or 25*300%=75

Go to floor 101, kill the smallest slime. It gives 23k xp base.

No control?

I think the only cap on exp is 200 from items that’s shown on stat page. The rest is not capped and can stack.

Once again.

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Thank you Master Skaul! :stuck_out_tongue:

changing with amber. it seems like gauntlet has high base dmg among the 4. does it mean, the best one for special skill builds are gauntlet based MH?

also I plan to change my build replacing timewarp with command. since empower and glasscannon sets my hp to hundreds. will it affect the taunter hp? or will he remain 1-hitted. what is the hp conversion of the summon? does my dodge go to the taunter as well?

ya gauntlet would be best if u go mh special skill build. since it high base dmg ephipany gaunt has 100% wd if u add another 5000wd it will boost the base dmg significantly and u can stil pump it up using endow myth 50%wd

There is no point ambering the gauntlet, the gauntlet itself already has a good special(twister), especially if you’re using a summoner build, and also the summoner legendary gauntlet already has great summoner affixes. Twister itself s a pretty good cc and pretty nice damage if you asked me.

No need to change the time warp, just loot a tome. The tome has the special skill ‘Command’, as well as have the summoner affixes that you will need for your summoner build.

I don’t know if your stats actually affect minion hp, but marwinberna, the creator of the build below, said something about using Blood Magic will make minions have your hp or something along those lines.

You can get some inspiration from this build:

  1. is there a list of cooldowns for special skills?

  2. i need a better OH special skill, command is out of the question cuz i will have -100% hp from empower talent and -45.2%hp from glasscannon. i tried mirror image but it doesnt seem to deal the same dmg as my main, i was doing like 1.3m dmg on twister and the mirror only does 100k.

  3. i cant find where im getting a +10 dodge bonus
    i have 20% dodge with no dodge affixes, no dodge on pet, no dodge nature, no dodge talent, and only dexterity level 20


What do you want ? Straight to the point I guess I can do some help. :grin:

Im lazy to scroll to read all the messages. :dizzy_face:

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an OH special skill that is helpful. the default (timewarp) isnt helpful to me. i usually face problems against those worms that cant be stunned and shoots 4 at once. if im on top of them, i will eat all 4 projectiles and i will lose alot of mana. (mirrorshield build)

im also wondering where i got a 10% dodge bonus. i have 20% dodge with no dodge affixes, no dodge on pet, no dodge nature, no dodge talent, and only dexterity level 20


my Wizard build is using Manashield (OH Skill) and Shatter as (OH Special Skill).

Im using Ice Aftermath Build :snowman::snowman::snowman::snowman::snowman::snowflake::snowflake::snowflake::snowflake::snowflake::snowflake: :laughing::laughing::laughing:

Maxing out your Dexterity (Level 20) gives you + 10% Dodge.

If you are a Rogue every level your Dodge increase by 0.5% or something higher than 0.5% (forgot the calculation if im right :dizzy_face:) just look into it

If you are a Warrior or Wizard. I guess/think some items give special options like (block and dodge)
ex. Shield (Warrior) gives + 10% Block
Horn (Warrior) gives + 10% Dodge
(I guess your OH Weapon you use gives + 10% Dodge.) :laughing::laughing:

It is better to have self exploration about the things you see on the game so you can have your own calculations :+1::+1::+1::+1:

Don’t use mana shield as of yet, since it does not have damage reduction, and you do need your mana in order to do damage. Best for you is to pick the offhand skill that you like, and get that item, if you want Command then get a tome, if you want shatter then get an orb. But anyhows, the worm itself, everyone dies from it, not just you heh.

If you showed your every item you have, we can figure out where you got the other 10% dodge from :smile:

But to answer your new questions:

  1. I’ll be honest, i dont know if there is, so I guess you should just try it yourself for a specific item and look at the stat page, only takes less than 5 seconds of work :smiley: Other than that, I don’t think I have seen anyone compile a list for that. As the wiki does not have it either.

  2. Hmm, my suggestion would probably be don’t use glasscannon as of yet, there are other affixes you can use that will give you more damage and not have a penalty at all. You can most likely try the poison builds, it still works and can do pretty high damage. OH-wise, you can maybe use skull, the skull shield is pretty good and skulldraga is okay, Skulls are pretty good for pve! Damage reduction from Heroic skull and the damage coming from it is GREAT! But other than that, don’t use the -100% hp talent and glasscannon yet as those affixes are mostly finishing touches to the build. I myself have been trying to craft a mana shield build, and am most likely going to fail at it as well and waste all my resources.

My last word of advice, damage > survivability , you are most likely going to get 1 shot anyways especially at the higher floors. Even with a tanky build, you will get 1 shotted. And mana shield builds are not good as of right now, until they get some form of change, it is best to use something other than mana shield.

You can see the cooldowns of skills on Hero Skill Stat Window… Lower part…

Just saw it with my own eyes.

I finally reached 200% xp so i can test this. I was getting 189k xp from slime (23k2.753). I hit shrine and now get 205k (23k2.753.25).

Anyway, to those asking what i built: