New Players help

If your a new player and need help on anything just ask because I’m always available so don’t be shy! Message me on twitter/instagram gixvael • emails /

Hello sir, I am a really new player, and I am a wizard. Can you give me some tips? :smile:

@Organ1zedChaos Of course ! Any specific tips you need or advice?? Did u want help on a build??

Yes sir, I am stuck at floor 160. :confused: I don’t know what items to find, what stats to build and what hero skills to upgrade. I have little knowledge of the game… They told me wizard is a bad class it cant climb up to higher floors so I wanted to make a warrior but only 1 slot available. Should I continue my wizard? it is really weak, dies easily to bosses.

@Organ1zedChaos Hmm My main char is a lvl 71 rogue and my hired companion is a lvl 61 Wizard but I’m not an expert on the wizard class but I suggest you read this guide, it helped me indefinitely when I decided to make a build.

My suggestion is read that guide it actually taught me a lot about resists ,EHP, Dodge vs resists, an survivability. I’ll link here

@Organ1zedChaos Theorycraft, or How to Destroy the [Game] World , tell me if it helped bc I’m gonna work on my wizard from it’s current lvl to see if I could give u some more tips.

Okay thanks a lot mate :slight_smile: I’ll try to read this.