New reactor

So i just did some pvp and im still not sure if i should keep using reactor, whats your opinion dear orb users? :stuck_out_tongue:

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Sorry to hear your duck is sick

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Well it’s still good when camping and spamming orbs.

If enemy gets hit by orb, reactor hits them and if they try to get close to you to defeat you, lots of reactors. It’s close up but it works.

I found its effectiveness is through constant orbs. Orbs and reactors will still hit at the same time on the opponent.

Even though my build is nerfed since it cannot spam orb as well and no living force , not to mention discordance doesn’t work on procs, it still does well because of cosmic orbs, malestrom , storm , vault and even the orb is still damaging.

Crit will be nerfed because eternal flawless victory but I can just use Fauns Gift to compensate with some damage reduction to make up against CV and lack of Crits.

Sureshot though is still good.

Tested it a bit more and i gave up on reactor, electrocution + demonic works cool tho :stuck_out_tongue:


So maybe reactor isn’t super useful then. I mean I don’t get as much out of it as before but reactor never really have much benefits in PvP anyways. It did help before but I didn’t superbly depend on it.

Replaced with whatever you choose. Although I still use reactor because I’m gonna see if I can get some good use of it eventually.