New set affix suggestion

I really need there should be new items like these, to make finding pets a bit less “pay to play” and having new high-floor objectives:

Set affix “Beastmaster” - CANNOT BE ROLLED WITH AMETHYST
Effect: +20% chance per rank to spawn Enslaver, +10% per rank pet (only rolled ones, same as 7DS set) affixes effectiveness

Found on following new items: (all of them require floor 1500+ Mythic 2 difficulty)
“Beastmaster’s fur” (chest, all classes)

  • Beastmaster
    • Strength
    • Fortune
    • Health
    • Health%
  • Socket

“Beastmaster’s mask” (head, all classes)

  • Beastmaster
    • Intelligence
    • Fortune
    • Mana
    • Mana%
  • Socket

But pets aren’t pay to play and many are fairly easy given time . Interesting…

I mean, one should pay to get the boost in order to find pets.

I really can’t find any Enslavers, like 1 every 10 floors. At my level it’s way easier to get a Legend regular rather than a normal Enslaver…

Also, would be nice to have some very-high-levels set affixes and items to make it more interesting and to be able to scale more in high floors

No you don’t need boost to find pets lmao. It improves chances yes but you absolutely don’t really need it. Spamming floors is all you need and knowing where they are. Also free boosts are common.

There are definitely high level set affixes that do well in high floors though.

I keep getting Enslaver like crazy and sometimes even got 6 in a row lol and that was without boosts. Just speeding through floors with my farm builds and sometimes just targeting Enslaver and nothing else.

I know, but still it’s very slow and a boosting affix (similar to nadroji, crystalline, etc.) could be nice to have in order to focus-farm without taking chances. Let’s say I have an eternal map and I need one more Enslaver kill to spawn the Mythic one: is it fair that I have no means to ensure (without paying) that I’ll get it within that map to boost its drops?

Also free boost comes at random and “monster spawn” DOESN’T WORK on the floor you are getting into after the video (so you could waste your map). You can spam-load low level maps to wait the boost, yeah, but that’s even more annoying.

And, apart from that, my suggestion is wider that just that: we need some new interesting high-floor items, because the game starts being boring after a while and the farm doesn’t improve that much.

Actually you can get free monster boost before you get eternal map, pause and see how many minutes and then hop into eternal maps like I do.

Yes things are annoying but when you pay nothing, that’s the compromise. Anyway it’s not pay to play of course.

I understand how you feel though. Anyway, I’m glad free boost even existed ever since monster spawn was boost was ever introduced in game.

A time before monster boost existed a long time ago yeah your point about not guaranteeing it would be true and not taking chances/paying.

DQ is somewhat far from concept of pay to play…


Yep. Far from it.

Yeah, but just for this part feels to me like payers have too much of an advantage in finding enslavers.

And even if we don’t take this into account, finding enslavers feels too much random and frustrating to me. But this is just my opinion of course.